COIT20252 BPM ePortfolio Assessment

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Assessment task

You are required to develop an ePortfolio that captures rich ideas, resources and innovative practices in Business Process Management around the context of the specified topics. Topics include: Business Process Management; Business Process Modelling; and Robotic Process Automation and Process Cybersecurity.

To develop and write a well-informed ePortfolio, you should conduct an Internet search on the specified ePortfolio topics. The Internet search should focus on items related to each ePortfolio topic, i.e. the items should be relevant to the topics. The items you may include in the ePortfolio could be YouTube videos, scholarly articles, interesting readings, clips from lectures and/or tutorials, relevant websites and your own work that you produce in the tutorials. You should select five items for each specified topic to include in the relevant ePortfolio. To ensure relevance, you should review the items you find around the specified topics and then write a justification. Each week’s entry should contain five items with a justification for each item. Please note that the chosen items should be from 2023 and onwards only.

Each justification should be written in two paragraphs. In paragraph one, provide a brief summary of the chosen item. In paragraph two, describe why you chose the item, i.e. why you thought the item chosen was appropriate and relevant to the topic. Your justification for each item should be around 100 words (100 words for each item * 5 items = 500 words on each page)

In this assessment, the Harvard referencing style is to be used to develop your citations that substantiate your justifications. The Abridged Harvard Referencing Style Guide 2023 is available from your MYCQU portal or via this link.

Creation and submission

You will use Portfolium (accessible via the unit’s Moodle site) to gather and present your portfolio.

The specified three weeks’ entries should be created under separate projects (Portfolium uses the word “Project’ for an entry), i.e. create a project for week 4, a project for week 7 and a project for week 10.

Details on creating the ePortfolio using Portfolium are available on the unit’s Moodle website. You can also access this Moodle link for help with Portfolium.

For each week’s project/entry in Portfolium, you will need to create a “Public share link”. For submission of your ePortfolio, copy/paste the public share link into Moodle for marking and feedback. Do not submit your ePortfolio as a Word or PDF document.

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