Case study: Jack Machinery Australia

Case study: Jack Machinery Australia

Back ground information

Jack Machinery Australia is a long-standing saw manufacturer. Jack Machinery has over 40 years of experience in the saw manufacturing sector and is worldwide famous for its outstanding quality and unique product line. Bandsaws, coldsaws, friction saws, and T.C.T saws are among the top metal cutting saws created in Italy. Jack machines are purpose-built for high-volume, continuous use in the most demanding manufacturing situations.

Jack Machinery Australia specialises in providing industrial metal cutting bandsaws, coldsaws, friction and TCT saws that offer the best quality cuts while meeting the demanding quality and capacity demands of industrial applications.

For almost 20 years, Jack Machinery Australia has been delivering bandsaws to industrial workshops all around Australia as metal cutting saw specialists. Our knowledge and expertise have assisted us in developing Australia's greatest line of metal cutting saws, allowing us to provide our clients with the best service and advise.

Jack saws are offered throughout Australia through our distributor network.

Saws produced and sold by Jack saws

Metal cutting saws

Jack Machinery Australia specialises in the production of every type of saw used in the metalworking and fabrication industries, with manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic alternatives available. Jack Machinery Australia is the best in the business, with tough industrial-grade construction and exceptional cutting quality.

We stock a wide variety of metal cutting saws, including:

  • Coldsaws – Circular saw machines that cut quickly, accurately, and with great quality. When using a coldsaw, both the blade and the material being cut remain cool. They are suitable for cutting most ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, and the blades may be sharpened several times if they get blunt.
  • Bandsaws – Purchase the most dependable quality bandsaws in Australia. These bandsaws are well suited to high-capacity metal cutting projects since they can cut through enormous amounts of work swiftly and easily. M42 bandsaw blades have a long life and are inexpensive, resulting in a low cost per cut. When a blade becomes blunt, it is simple to replace it.
  • Friction Saws – High-speed circular saws that cut metal using frictional heat. The generated heat melts through the metal, resulting in an extremely quick cut. Friction saws are frequently used for cutting the most tough materials, although their blades have a shorter life period than other saws.
  • T.C.T Saws – A rapid and precise circular saw designed for nonferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, and brass. These saws feature a tungsten carbide-tipped blade, which provides improved strength and allows the saw to be run at much higher temperatures to generate a faster cut.

Saw blades

We offer Jack bandsaw and coldsaw saw blades for general purpose cutting, as well as specialised saw blades for the most difficult metal cutting operations.

Our selection includes speed face coldsaw blades, which reduce friction when cutting and increase wear resistance. Cobalt coldsaw blades are an additional exceptional option, with a 5 percent cobalt content that increases the hardness of the blades, making them an excellent choice for cutting hard materials that reach greater temperatures during the cutting process.

T.C.T saw blades, which are tungsten carbide-tipped for enhanced cutting quality when working with non-ferrous metals, are also available.

Saw accessories

In our Saw Accessories department, you'll find everything you need. No cutting saw is complete without synthetic metal working fluid, which we supply in 5 litre and 20 litre sizes.

We also supply coldsaw platforms, which provide you with a perfect working platform at a comfortable height to perform your metal sawing work.

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