Case Study: Gender, Crime and Violence

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This assessment aims to guide learners through the process of researching and conceptualising relevant issues for the final assessment (assessment 3 parliamentary inquiry submission). Learners are to research and prepare a case study and critical comment. This task will use one of the topics set for assessment three as the basis. The inquiry topic selected for Assessment 2 will be the same inquiry topic that you will respond to in Assessment 3 when you write the full submission. Choose carefully.

The aim of Assessment 2: Case Study, is to get you to begin conceptualising the issue, researching, reading and preparing ideas that will help you to write a well-researched, planned and thought-out submission for Assessment 3.

The case study is a preparatory task that feeds into assessment 3 (the parliamentary inquiry submission).

The purpose of a case study is to:

Describe an individual case in detail;

Relate this to broader issues and identify how it relates to AT LEAST ONE term of reference for the final assessment;

Begin to conceptualise the case and related issues using relevant research.

Note that you don't need to know all the answers yet! You can develop your ideas further in the final assessment using feedback from this task.

Case Study and Key Issues: Ability to identify and describe a relevant case study

Conceptual Development: Ability to demonstrate connection to at least ONE of the terms of reference for the parliamentary inquiry (assessment 3).

Research development: Ability to demonstrate clear engagement with at least one relevant piece of scholarly research or writing that comments on the issue.

Academic Literacy: Expression, spelling, grammar, punctuation and referencing.

Find a case study and consider the key issues

Once you have selected a topic, you will need to find a case from the media detailing a real-life example to use as a ‘case study’. A case study is usually based on a person, that relates to the topic you have chosen. It is not just a news article about your broad topic.

The case study should be

a real-life story of an individual person that you can use as an example of the issue

It should relate to ONE of the "terms of reference" (or sub-questions) for your topic.

The case study can be sourced from:

news media; or

scholarly research; or

legal cases; or

a mix of the above

Write the facts and identify the key issues

Review and write up the facts of the case

Think about what "key issues" it raises.

You must relate the case study to AT LEAST ONE of the "terms of reference". This shows how the case relates to a broader problem.

Briefly analyse the case and issues using theory and research

Once you have reviewed the case, and identified which of the "terms of reference" it might relate to, you will need to relate this to:

ONE key scholarly research source

You will need to write a short explanation outlining how the research relates to the case study and the issue. You don't need to know the answer to your problem/question yet, you can develop this in the final assessment. This task should just get you thinking about how you might go about analysing the issue by applying ideas to a single case study.

Topic: Parliamentary Inquiry into Sexual Assault and Justice

Terms of Reference (Pick at least one):

Actual or perceived barriers which contribute to the low reporting of sexual offences, and the high attrition throughout the formal legal process of those who do report, including:

Reasons why victim survivors of sexual offences may choose not to report the event to Police, or pursue a formal complaint;

Reasons why complaints that are reported do not progress to charges;

Reasons why charges do not proceed to trial; and

Reasons why convictions may be difficult to achieve.

The efficacy of conventional or innovative responses to sexual violence

How to reduce the trauma of people who have experienced sexual violence, when they engage with the justice system

Options for primary prevention and evidence of efficacy.

A case study for this topic might be a media or legal report of a person who has been sexually assaulted and tried to engage the justice system.

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