Case Study 2: STEAM and Teacher Self-Efficacy

Case study 2: STEAM and teacher self-efficacy

Self-efficacy beliefs that relate to teachers’ motivation and performance have been an important area of concern for STEAM teacher education. Research suggests high-quality STEAM coursework has the potential to shape teachers’ STEAM self-efficacy beliefs. However, there are few studies examining the relationship between teachers’ STEAM self-efficacy beliefs and the interdisciplinary content knowledge in STEAM teaching/learning. Joanna, a recently graduated kindergarten teacher struggles with shifting her ‘new’ STEAM teacher self-image and seeks new sources to develop her new levels of confidence to teach STEAM.

What are the implications for her to build on her STEAM teaching/learning practices in her role as a kindergarten teacher? Think about this in terms of teacher self-efficacy and confidence in interdisciplinary STEAM content knowledge for implementing STEAM education.

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