CAS102 - Assessment 3: Group Session Outline and Meeting Minutes

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CAS102 Group Work – Assessment 3

Group Session Outline and Meeting Minutes (15%)

Due Date: Week 6,7,8,9,10

To be handed in the week that the student is facilitating the role play

  • Meeting Minutes that reflect the discussions and decisions made during the Planning/Presentation phase of Assignment 2.

Student to record the minutes of the meeting held, to plan the week that they are the role play facilitator.

(Formatting of meeting minutes will be discussed during tutorials)

  • Group Session Outline that shows the full 1 hour group session that the student is facilitating for Assignment 2 highlighting the 5 mins demonstrated in the role play.

(template will be provided during tutorials)

Attendance is crucial to pass this unit as assessments are delivered across multiple weeks and require ALL group members to be present.

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