BUSM4505 Strategic Human Resource Development - Assessment 3: Case Study Report

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Human resource development is integral to the organisation of your choice or if you do not have an organisation, a Health Care organisation e.g. a hospital or aged care facility. In this assessment you will be examining career development efforts to improve individual/group and organisational effectiveness. Therefore, the report you write must cover two areas – the individual/group and the organisation.

Case Study – An Organisation in Trouble:


Career development in the organisation has not been a priority – the literature tells us many organisations do not make career development a priority. You can write this assessment based on the generic case study information contained here, an organisation of your choice or if you do not have an organisation, a Health Care Organisation. If you apply an organisation of your choice or a Health Care Organisation you will need to understand the issues related to career development within the organisation (always use a pseudonym). If you apply this case study, imagine you are new to the organisation and as the HRD Manager you have convinced the HRD Director that career development is important for all workers regardless of what position they hold. The staff have made several complaints over the years, but the hierarchy has basically ignored their requests for a strategic focus on human resource development particularly around career development. Unfortunately, the organisational climate is quite

negative and as the HRD Manager you want to change that and support the staff in their pursuit of career development.

Knowledge retention

The issue of career development is compounded by the absence of a formal system for transferring and transmitting critical knowledge and experience. There have been different mentoring programs over the years with varying levels of success. Most of the staff involved in management projects have complained that they have not received adequate support or training for career development. You have to argue that knowledge retention is critical to the performance of individuals and the organisation. The organisation has tightened their expenditure, and this has meant HRD training has decreased. The issue to consider is how knowledge retention impacts on staff career development and how you can convince the executive that career development and knowledge retention are important. The HRD Director will present your report to the Executive Team.

Case Study Report

You have been asked by the HRD Director to develop a career development strategy that can provide the organisation with a skilful and capable workforce over the next 10 years. It is envisaged that your report will:

  • Based on a literature review, recommend, and describe a suitable career development strategy with proposed development programs (e.g., training, coaching, mentoring, ) that is feasible within the organisation’s context.
  • Provide an implementation plan for your recommended strategy, by considering the potential implication of the program intervention from an organisational change Articulate your plan to ensure this new program can be implemented successfully.

You are asked to keep the report short (within 2,500 words) as the organisation’s executive team would only like a broad overview at this stage and will ask you for more details if they would like to investigate your proposal further. However, you are welcome to use appendices to provide supplementary materials and these appendices would not be included in the word count. In this assessment you will demonstrate Assurance of Learning #AoL3b Adaptive - Option 2 – analyses and synthesises disciplinary learnings to develop transferrable skills.

Assessment Guideline:

  1. Introduction - Your report must focus on an organisation or your choice or if you do not have an organisation, a health care organisation. Your report should be written for your target audience (the HR Director and the Executive Team).
  2. Your report must provide a clear understanding of career development and the issues and challenges around career development. You will demonstrate Assurance of Learning #AoL3b Adaptive - Option 2 – analyses and synthesises disciplinary learnings to develop transferrable
  3. Your report must provide a career development strategy supported with applied knowledge supported by contemporary refereed journal articles (no older than 10 years) and empirical case studies (found in journal articles) that present a well- developed career development strategy for the
  4. Your report should include an evaluation process and generate solid recommendations for the organisation to undertake at a strategic level to ensure a career development strategy for all employees at all levels.
  5. You must also include an implementation plan. This needs to provide enough detail about why, how and when the plan will be implemented into the organisation. You will need to include a costing schedule for the
  6. Provide a summary of the report that includes a solid argument to support your career development strategy/plan.
  7. Include a minimum of 20 academic refereed journal articles that are no older than 10 years – do not use old literature or textbooks and do not cite the internet.
  8. All referencing should be RMIT Harvard
  9. Your report should be presented in an appropriate report format. Your report should be structured in a way that is easy for the target audience to read and understand. Make sure you have a table of References and Referencing

In this assessment you will have a minimum of 20 refereed journal articles must be from journals – do not cite the internet or textbooks. This course addresses contemporary issues and challenges and therefore you need contemporary literature that is within the last ten years. When referencing use Harvard style. To learn more about Harvard style please refer to http://www1.rmit.edu.au/library/referencing.

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