BUS5AP Building a Business Case for a Modern Analytics Platform

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Building a Business Case for a Modern Analytics Platform

GYMNATION has commissioned you as their analytics consultant to draw up a compelling business case that proposes a modern analytics platform, an approach to implementation and the associated governance requirements, while also highlighting the benefits for the organisation and each stakeholder. The accompanying file contains the organisational profile of GYMNATION, outlining the stakeholder profiles, expectations, and the key notes around the project parameters.

What you are required to do:

Identify and understand the key elements of a business case

Review related literature on business cases for modern analytics platforms

Study the organisational profile of GYMNATION and analyse the market for multi branch fitness facilities.

Compile an original business case that proposes a modern analytics platform focusing on the following areas:

  • Scope Definition: What do you expect your analytics solution to deliver and what will it not do.
  • Stakeholder Identification: Who are the stakeholders (consider stakeholders not listed in the case study) that will benefit from this proposal?
  • Timeline Definition: Leveraging lessons learnt from the Project Management section of this course present the timeline for when GYMNATION can expect activities to take place, dependencies, resourcing, and milestones.
  • Approach to Implementation: What delivery methodology (agile, waterfall or a hybrid approach) will be considered for this implementation and why has this been chosen?
  • Change Management: How will you reduce friction within the organisation when deploying the solution and ensure success?
  • Project Governance: How do you ensure that project will be governed correctly? Consider governance for risk and the delivery of work (Work Breakdown Structures).
  • Benefits Realisation: How will you ensure that benefits have been realised through the delivery of the project?


1. A 10-minute (exactly 10 minutes) video presentation of the business case

  • You may use a slide deck to organise your content, and you must be visible in the recording.
  • The presentation must cover all the elements of the business case.
  • You may use Zoom screen recording feature to create this presentation. For a step- by-step guide to Zoom screen recording, follow this link.

2. A 2-page Business Case document that provides any additional information to support your presentation.

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