BUS5AP – Assignment 03: “Analyse This!” – Bring your user stories to life with Power BI

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“Analyse This!” – Bring your user stories to life with PowerBI

Having successfully completed your analysis of user stories, you have been requested by GYMNATION to deliver a prototype dashboard. You will use your experience gained from Week 05 (Think like a designer) and the Power BI content from Week 8 to Week 12 to develop a visually compelling dashboard that encompasses user stories completed in Assignment 02.

You will then pitch this dashboard to GYMNATION’s team to show them the value of the analytics exercise they have undertaken with you as you uncover insights about their operation and direction.

A sample dataset for this assessment is provided in the spreadsheet on the LMS under Assignment 03.


  1. Complete the spreadsheet template, with the first column showing a list of user stories from Assignment 02 and the second column noting if this user story is prototyped in your dashboard.
  2. A 15-minute (exactly 15 minutes) video recording of you presenting your dashboard and how this dashboard delivers on the user stories presented in Assignment 02.
  • You may use additional material such as a slide deck to present your dashboard (especially when linking the dashboard to the user stories), and you must be visible in the recording to deliver the pitch.
  • The presentation must cover the following:
    • How your dashboard extends your engagement with GYMNATION following your business case and the user stories from assignment 02 (both the Summary and Operational level dashboard) – it is acceptable to make changes to your and user stories if it doesn’t align with the dashboards.
    • A walkthrough of each of the elements of the dashboards (and how it delivers on a selected user story)
  • You may use Zoom screen recording feature to capture you dashboard pitch. For a step-by-step guide to Zoom screen recording, follow this link.
  1. A PowerBI file in PBIX format covering the content above. The PowerBI dashboard must consist at minimum of the following:
  • A strategic level dashboard highlighting organisation trends (ideally aligned at the CEO).
  • An Operational level dashboard that allows personas such as the Chief Data Officer and Head of Gym Franchise to review gain insights and thereby improve operational efficiency.
  • Each of the dashboards will be located on the same PowerBI PBIX file under multiple tabs. You can have more than 2 tabs but less than 4 tabs
  • Add your own data into the spreadsheet to support your user story where data does not exist on the spreadsheet you may create some sample data on the excel sheet that can then be used on the report.

Note: the LMS Assignment will allow 3 attachments – the Video Presentation, the PBIX file and the Excel sheet with the list of the user stories incorporated in the Power BI dashboard from assignment 02. Try and combine as many user stories into a single dashboard visual

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