BUS30032 Business Consulting Project

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Assignment Details:

In this assignment, you are required to critically reflect upon your learning experience acquired over 12 weeks of this unit and the role you have played during the business consulting project during this teaching period. For design and formatting purposes you are asked to build this assessment response on an Adobe Express page (formerly Adobe Spark pages) for this purpose.

Assignment steps

Step 1: Identify four main learning experiences including the following two points:

  • The experience of engaging in consulting process activities (i.e., analysing a business problem, making recommendations for a live business, and designing an implementation plan).
  • The experience of working as a consulting team to achieve project goals.

This is a showcase of your personal learning experience in the Unit. You are given two specific experiences in this step, and you need to add another two experiences as you wish. These experiences may be related to weekly module content, teamwork, collaborate sessions, or working with the industry partner. For instance, learning about a specific framework for analysis for the first time or an incident related to Client engagement might be one of your significant learning experiences in the Unit

Step 2: Develop your reflection by building on below thinking prompts in relation to each experience identified above.

  1. What is the learning experience?This prompt expects you to describe briefly but specifically your learning experience.
  2. Why do you think the learning experience mentioned in question 1 is a significant learning experience? This prompt expects you to discuss the rationale and reasons as to why the identified experience becomes one of the biggest experiences in the unit.
  3. What are your observations and reflections about questions 1 and 2? This prompt expects you to elaborate on the experiences undertaken on a personal level by describing thoughts, emotions, and feelings related to each experience. In your observations, consider and comment upon your confidence, competency, and commitment to managing business-related tasks and your resilience, leadership, and self-management skills in relation to the experiences identified for this assessment.
  4. Reflect on the relevant theory and link it with question 3. This prompt expects you to add theory supporting what has been experienced and the conceptual knowledge that could help with drawing new insights for future experiences.
  5. How do the learning experiences discussed in questions 1-4 affect your future practice as an executive/ manager/ consultant/ or entrepreneur? This last prompt expects you to think of the ways this learning contributed to your skills/abilities/knowledge development, the impact they have created on the way you are thinking and behaving as an executive/a manager/a consultant/ an entrepreneur or as a student in a business management context; and how will you apply them in the future.

Suggested format

You will develop this reflective writing task using the Adobe Express application. You are free to be creative, and for instance, you can add photographs to represent your learning experiences in the week rather than sourcing from the internet. You are also free to include diagrams, images, tables, or mind maps, appropriately to enrich your articulation of the reflection.

To support your assignment completion, refer to the Week 10 learning materials on how to write a reflection and the discussion you will have with your coach. You may like to refer to Academic writing and presentingLinks to an external site. from the Student Hub for resources on 'Reflective writing' to help you to write your essay.


Underpinning all your work is research drawing on relevant sources. This includes but is not limited to industry reports; academic publications (textbooks, articles, working papers); government reports; news regalia and authoritative websites. You must cite, reference and support your claims appropriately, using the APA referencing style consistently.

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