BUS1002 Fundamentals of Management - Assessment 3: Presentation

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Assessment 3: Presentation

Due date week 12
Mode Individual/Viva Voce
Word count/Time equivalent to 1000 words, 10 minutes + 5 mins Q&A
Weighting 30%
Unit Learning Outcomes ULO1, ULO2, ULO3, ULO4, ULO5, ULO6
Tech requirements PC or laptop, Presentation software of choice

Task Outline

The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your critical thinking and presentation skills. You will assume the role of a business consultant for the organisation of your choice. You are required to do the competitive analysis and make recommendations about how the organisation can improve their position on the market. The assessment has two parts:

  1. You will present your analysis and recommendations with the use of visual aids to your lecturer and classmates who will act as a committee for the
  2. You will participate in a Q&A session after the

Task Details

Your presentation is expected to provide clear, concise and precise information that persuades the audience to accept your point of view. The presentation needs to have visual aids: you can choose any tool you like, e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi, Canva, Google Slides, etc. You can use SWOT, PESTEL/PESTLE or ADKAR method to structure your analysis.

The presentation should cover the following:

  • The reason(s) for choosing the organisation (link it to a business sector).
  • A brief overview of the organisation, its values, structure,
  • A summary of the analysis you conducted.
  • Recommendations on how to improve the organisation’s competitiveness in the changing market environment.
  • Reasons why you should be awarded a contract to implement the changes.

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