BUS1002 - Assessment 2: Case Study

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Assessment 2: Case Study

Due date Sunday, week 7, 11.59PM
Mode Individual/File submission
Word count 2500 words
Weighting 40%
Unit Learning Outcomes ULO1, ULO2, ULO3, ULO4, ULO5, ULO6
Tech requirements PC or laptop, MS Word, stable internet connection

Task Outline

This case study task provides an opportunity for business students to apply their analytical and strategic thinking skills to analyse a real-world business situation. You will be asked to choose an organisation you work/have worked for or know about. It is essential you have access to information about the organisation and their current website as you will need evidence to support your findings and discussion i.e., reports, publications, press releases, etc. Your task is to assess whether the business model is successful or not through the lens of sustainability and social responsibility. You will need to identify the organisation’s mission, values, and sustainability/social responsibility programs, e.g., the organisation’s mission statement, annual reports, media coverage. Try to find information that will help you identify evidence to support the pillars of business sustainability: people, planet, purpose and profits. Try to answer these questions:

  • Does the company live up to its values?
  • Do the programs the organisation runs/sponsors reflect its values?
  • Is there evidence of sustainable practices, g. recycling, reducing waste, energy efficiency, remote work?

Task Details

  1. Choose an organisation relevant to your
  2. Conduct research: Gather information from reliable sources such as official business websites, books, articles, reports, and reputable third-party websites. Collect data and facts related to the case study topic to support your
  3. Identify the key criteria. They should form the basis of your case study and should be clearly
  4. Describe the Provide background information about the case study topic, including relevant history, context, and any important details that are necessary to understand the situation.
  5. Present the discussion. Use critical thinking and analytical skills to analyse the key issues identified. Present a detailed discussion of the case study topic, including the criteria, relevant theories, strategies or frameworks, and any supporting
  6. Include real-life examples. Incorporate real-life examples and scholarly publications that support your analysis. This adds credibility to your case study and helps readers relate to the
  7. Write a conclusion. Summarise the main findings of your case study and provide a conclusion that highlights the significance of your You can also discuss any limitations or potential areas for future research.
  8. Proofread and edit. Review your case study for grammar, spelling, and formatting Make sure the content is well-organised and flows logically.
  9. Include Cite all the sources you used in your case study using the appropriate citation style.

Suggested Case Study Structure

Introduction/Background Summarise the task, introduce the organisation, state the aim of the report.
Rationale/Methodology/Aims Explain what approach you chose, or what methods you used to collect data.
Findings/Results Show the findings of your research, include observations, documentation, events, issues you identified, underlying problems, etc.
Discussion Explain the importance of the research you have carried out and what can be learnt from it. Do not hypothesise or generalise here as it should be evidence based (real-life examples, including anecdotes). You can reference scholarly papers and studies to support your analysis. Rate the organisation’s sustainability program and performance.
Conclusion Restate the purpose of the report, sum up the findings and the discussion.
References All sources of information you have used, including images.
Appendices Screenshots, reports, documents that support your findings and discussion.

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