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Assessment Task 2 - Project

Workplace Hazard and Risk Assessment simply means looking at the work task and considering what is the safest way to complete it. It is a way of becoming aware of the hazards involved in doing the job and taking action to prevent an injury.

Part A - Referring to the same business as Assessment Task A, complete the WHS Hazard Checklist to identify all hazards or potential hazards for the organisation. Assess the risk involved referring to the Risk Assessment Table. Add rows to the hazard checklist as necessary.

Risk Assessment Table

Frequent Probable Occasional Remote








High High High Medium
High High Medium Medium
High Medium Medium Medium
Medium Medium Medium Low
Medium Medium Low Low

Part B – On a normal day at work in the organisation of your choice from the previous assessment tasks, the following has been noted (see pictures).

  1. Meeting Room
  2. Employee Desks
  3. Fire Exit Door in the hallway

Task - Call for a team meeting to discuss your findings and the Hazard Checklist created earlier. During the meeting you are required to:

  1. Consult with the team members to assess their understanding of the WHS policy & procedures and to get their feedback about any issues they wish to
  2. Evaluate the WHS management system according to organisation’s quality systems framework listing the implementation issues found in the pictures
  • Deliver a presentation about the WHS regulations & hazard identification procedures to be maintained in the workplace & strategies to mitigate them. In this presentation you must address the following:
    • WHS legislative requirements for the related processes to be
  • WHS related files and documents and their availability to all team members.
  • Templates of various WHS recordkeeping tools such as incident reports, WHS induction training sheets, WHS committee meeting minutes, Hazard identification audit checklist
  • How to use these templates and incident recording tools?
  • Options and availability of WHS advise if List of first aiders and fire wardens.
  • Hazard identification and assessment process and its
  • The system used for WHS recordkeeping to allow identification of patterns of occupational injury and disease in the organisation, and for maintaining a record of WHS decisions made.
  • Implementing risk controls as per the hierarchy of control

During the meeting and presentation, the assessor will observe and assess you as per the checklist below. You must submit the presentation tool used as a part of your answers.

Part C – It has been observed that there is lack of WHS training at workplace.

You are thus required to develop a WHS induction training program. This training program must include all aspects of the WHS management system (WHSMS) that you have reviewed, analysed and discussed in the previous tasks.

As part of this assessment you must include the following;

  • A session plan with details of what will be discussed in each
  • Examples of hand-outs or other tools to be provided to the new team members. At least 4 handouts or other tools to be

Part D - In a short report explain:

  • What the business is doing well and what are the gaps with respect to the WHS policy & procedure and the overall WHSMS.
  • Any non-compliance with respect to Work Health &
  • Strategies to adopt to ensure that the gaps & noncompliance are
  • Financial and human resources required for the implementation of these WHS management strategies.

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