BSBWHS521 Ensure a Safe Workplace for a Work Area - Assessment Task 1

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Assessment Task 1 – Written Questions

Referring to an organisation of your choice, this can be your workplace or an organisation advised by the trainer/assessor, you are to investigate and make suggestions on WHS laws, policies and procedures by answering the following questions in minimum 200 words.

  1. Where can you find the companies WHS Policies and Procedures documents? If possible, include a copy of the WHS policies & procedures in your
  2. How does the company ensure that all employees understand and follow the WHS policies and procedures?
  3. According to the company policy what are the responsibilities of the employer and employees?
  4. Does the company have a WHS representative and/or a WHS Committee? Who is it?
  5. Who is the First Aid Officer? Where would you find the First Aid kit?
  6. Who is/are the Fire Wardens?
  7. What is a hazard? List 7 different types of hazards for the business that you are referring Are these listed in the policy & procedures?
  8. Define risk and risk assessment? Are these sufficiently explained in the policy you are referring to?
  9. Describe the hierarchy of control measures and define various ways in which it can be applied at the workplace that you are referring to.

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