BSBSTR801 Lead Innovative Thinking and Practice - Presentation (Group work)

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Read the following scenario and make a presentation with all the requirements highlighted:

Case Scenario

Select an organization from internet or consider the company/organization where you currently work or know very well. Suppose the organization has been facing business challenges in recent times. Some of issues are loss of market share, staff turnover, customer’s complaints and entry of new competitors. CEO of the organization is considering a central strategy to maintain the company’s position in the market. She strongly believes ‘Lead innovative thinking and practice’ is the only option which can bring the organization back on track.

Now, she advises you (consider you work in that organization) to form a team and prepare a

presentation on ‘Innovation and sustainability’. It has been decided that you and your team will present this in the board meeting which is coming up in two weeks time. The CEO has also requested you to prepare a brief written report in MS word format to support your presentation.

Now form a team (two) of students and prepare the presentation on the following areas:

  1. Brief introduction and the current situation of the

-       SONALIKA INTERNATIONAL- A belief to go beyond agri mechanization, which has the power to impact lives and bring farm prosperity. India’s one of the leading tractor brand & No.1 exporter from the country, Sonalika is on a transformative journey to emerge as a Mega Agri Brand with a vision of Leading Agri Evolution.The brand continues to innovate across the agri value chain with its footprint in

  1. Explain how various strategies that are used or can be implemented to make innovation an integral part of organisational

Farm Mechanization- Manufacturing 20-120HP technologically superior range of heavy duty tractors.

Agro Solutions- Diverse range of crop centric agri implements.

AFL Finance- Delivering financing solutions to business partners to realise their potential.

Agri Incubation- Identify and finance innovative agri technologies.

CSR Initiatives- Taking initiatives to bring a positive change in the society by supporting women, children and farming communities.

Farm to Fork- Bridges the gap between farm and market through processed agri output.

  1. How could the organization address the impact of changes and its consequences?

Sonalika ITL’s vision is to become the world’s leading tractor manufacturing and farm mechanization company. To be the best in customer satisfaction by being customer focused and aligning systems and processes that develops and delivers high quality, innovative products at competitive price.

  1. Identify monitoring    process    to    confirm    individual awareness and collective contributions to innovative thinking and

Since its inception in 1996, Sonalika ITL has come a long way to become the No.1 tractor brand in 4 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Myanmar) & is the 3rd largest tractor manufacturer in India. Owing to its customer centric approach, Sonalika has registered its success globally through sheer dedication towards serving farmers and making their lives easier. Sonalika understands the needs of the farmers and provides them tailor made farm mechanized solutions. We are driven by the zeal to try newer ideas to meet the emerging demands in farming and improving the lives of the farmers.

  1. Identify any three potential barriers/risks to innovations and suggest strategies to minimize
    • Risk contributes to the performance, mobility and
  1. Review the effect of innovation implemented by you and major learnings from it, to form a basis for systemic changes for improvement.

  1. How can the organizational change process ensure the objectives, time-frames and communication plans are ready?
  2. Draft a contingency management plan and explain how could you manage to get the feedback from key stakeholders?
  1. Identify few emerging challenges and opportunities (e.g. SWOT analysis) in relation to your chosen
  2. How could you evaluate the existing systems and innovative processes? Reflect on innovation performance as a basis for developing strategies for improvement.

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