BSBSTR602 Develop Organisational Strategies

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Assessment method-based instructions and guidelines: Skills Test

Assessment type 
• Skills Test
Instructions provided to the student:
Assessment task description:
•       This is the second (2) assessment task you must successfully complete to be deemed competent in this unit of competency.•       This assessment task is a skills test.•       You are required to develop organisational strategies in this assessment task.

•       You will receive your feedback within two (2) weeks, and you will be notified by your trainer/assessor when your results are available.

•       You must attempt all activities of the project for your trainer/assessor to assess your competence in this assessment task.

Applicable conditions:
•       This skill test is untimed and is conducted as an open book assessment (this means you are able to refer to your textbook or other learner materials during the test).•       You will be assessed independently on this assessment task.•       No marks or grades are allocated for this assessment task. The outcome of the task will be Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory.

•       As you complete this assessment task, you are predominately demonstrating your skills, techniques and knowledge to your trainer/assessor.

•       Your trainer/assessor may ask you relevant questions during this assessment task

Resubmissions and reattempts:
•       Where a student’s answers are deemed not satisfactory after the first attempt, a resubmission attempt will be allowed.•       The student may speak to their trainer/assessor if they have any difficulty in completing this task and require reasonable adjustments.•       For more information, please refer to the Training Organisation’s Student Handbook.
• This assessment task may be completed in:☐ a classroom☐ learning management system (i.e. Moodle),
☐ workplace,☐ simulated work environment,☐ or an independent learning environment.

• Your Trainer/Assessor will provide you with further information regarding the location for completing this assessment task.

Purpose of the assessment
The purpose of this assessment task is to develop organisational strategies in a range of contexts and industry settings. •       Skills to consult and communicate with relevant stakeholders, and develop and implement one strategic plan for an organisation on at least one occasion, including:

-          revising mission, vision and values

-          analysing and validating findings of research and analysis -         obtaining input to and endorsement of strategic plans -     brief relevant parties about strategic plan.

•       Skills to analyse organisation’s internal and external environment to formulate strategic plans, including:

-          background and research relevant to strategic plan

-          legislation, regulations and codes of practice, including for intellectual property -       objectives, strategies and priorities

-          roles and responsibilities

-          performance indicators

-          timeframes

-          cost-benefit and risk analysis

•       Skills to seek advice from appropriate experts

•       Skills to monitor and evaluate the implementation of strategic plan and make refinements

•       Skills to review effectiveness of planning processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Task instructions
•       This is an individual assessment.•       To ensure your responses are satisfactory you should consult a range of learning resources and other information such as handouts, textbooks, learner resources etc.•       Your writing must be concise, to the point, not provide irrelevant information and according to the word limit given.

•       You must write your responses in your own words.

•       You will be required to complete all parts of this assessment task.

Assessment environment
The assessment can be completed in one of the following assessment environments:•       Online environment•       Simulated environment/ Classroom environment

•       Workplace environment

Online Environment Assessment task instructions

  • The purpose of this assessment task is to establish the strategic direction of the organisation, sustain competitive advantage and enhance competitiveness.
  • The training organisation must ensure that the online assessment environment is in accordance with the requirements specified.
  • The training organisation will assign a supervisor to the student.
  • The training organisation will provide the resources required to complete the assessment task.
  • The student must use the templates provided to document their responses.
  • The student must follow the word-limits specified in the templates.
  • The trainer/assessor must assess the student using the performance checklist provided.

Online environment requirements

Assessment task environment  This assessment task will be completed in an online environment prepared by your training organisation.All required resources to complete the assessment task will be discussed with the student before they commence the assessment. The online environment is very much like a learning environment where a student is able to practice, use and operate appropriate industrial equipment, techniques, practices under realistic workplace conditions.

Requirements for the online assessment environment

The trainer/assessor will ensure that the online assessment environment is set up to complete this assessment task.

The online environment consists of:

•       A learning management system where the student will be required to complete their job-related tasks and activities

•       The standard operating/workplace procedures related to the tasks and activities.

•       The trainer/assessor will provide the student with assistance throughout the assessment activity.

The online environment must meet the following criteria:

Opportunities for the student to: Yes/No/NA
Follow standard operating/workplace procedures
Use up-to-date software and equipment
Work within stated timelines to meet deadlines
Gain experience in the challenges and complexities of dealing with multiple tasks
Experience prioritising competing tasks and dealing with contingencies
The environment to work with others in a team
Online assessment environment sufficient to communicate, contribute and participate in tasks and activities.
  Assessment environment sufficient to work independently and manage workloadResources, tools, and equipment requirementsThe following resources, tools and equipment required to complete the assessment task will be discussed with the student before they commence the assessment:

•       Workplace personnel/stakeholders to participate in the questioning session requires active participation in a range of creative thinking activities  o Please refer to the roles and responsibilities section for more information

o This should be organised by the training organisation either via, LMS, telephone conferences, video conferencing or anything of a similar nature

•       relevant legislation, regulations, standards and codes

•       workplace documentation and resources relevant to performance evidence.

Online assessment scenario 

You are required to establish the strategic direction of the organisation, sustain competitive advantage and enhance competitiveness. You are required to read and understand a predetermined issue and/or situation and participate in a number of assessment activities.

The following are the goals and objectives to complete this assessment task: •       Confirm vision and mission of the organisation

•       Identify organisation’s strategic direction, vision and mission

•       Consult with relevant stakeholders on required changes to vision and mission

•       Review and develop or revise organisational values to support the vision and mission statement

•       Seek support for strategic planning process from all relevant stakeholders

•       Analyse internal and external environment

•       Analyse and undertake research to understand external environment

•       Undertake political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) analysis

•       Undertake capability assessment of competitor organisations

•       Analyse organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)

•       Establish cooperative ventures, that are supported by risk and cost benefit analyses, according to organisational vision, mission and values and provide for due diligence, where required

•       Seek and respond to feedback from relevant stakeholders on analysis internal and external environments

•       Develop strategic organisational plan

•       Document relevant research and background for inclusion in the strategic plan

•       Develop objectives and strategies relevant for the future

•       Detail each strategy with a priority, a timeframe, responsible stakeholders and measurable performance indicators

•       Identify risks and develop a risk management plan

•       Circulate strategic plan and risk management plan for feedback and endorsement

•       Implement strategic organisational plan

•       Communicate strategic plan to all relevant stakeholders

•       Develop actions and initiatives for team members to undertake

•       Assign team members’ roles in relation to strategic objectives

•       Use performance indicators to monitor progress in implementing plan and make refinements to plan

•       Evaluate achievement of objectives at agreed milestones with relevant stakeholders

•       Review effectiveness of plan and consider methods for improving strategic planning processes

A supervisor will be assigned to you by your training organisation. The supervisor can answer your questions related to understanding the requirements associated with the assessment task. The supervisor will act according to job role and responsibilities.

The supervisor can be your trainer or assessor or a different trainer or assessor or a staff member (including mentors) from the training organisation.

Roles and responsibilities 

As part of your job role, you have the following job responsibilities:

•       Identifies and analyses complex organisational texts to determine business requirements

•       Reviews, evaluates, interprets and applies content from a range of sources to aid in development of strategies

•       Prepares strategic plans for relevant stakeholders incorporating appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structure and conventions

•       Incorporates amendments to documents according to organisational requirements

•       Collates and compiles data to convey specific information, requirements and recommendations • Presents information and seeks advice using language and register appropriate to audience

•       Participates in discussions using listening and questioning to elicit the views of others and to clarify or confirm understanding

•       Interprets and analyses data and information to identify trends and to estimate resource implications of proposed strategies

•       Works autonomously making high level decisions to achieve and improve organisational goals

•       Seeks feedback or expert advice, where required

•       Takes a lead role in the development of strategies to achieve organisational goals

•       Selects and uses appropriate conventions and protocols when communicating with internal and external stakeholders to seek or share information

•       Develops flexible plans for complex, high impact activities with strategic implications, taking into account capabilities, efficiencies and effectiveness

•       Collaborates with others to achieve joint outcomes, playing an active role in facilitating effective group interaction, influencing direction and taking a leadership role

•       Applies problem solving processes to identify risks, evaluate options and determine solutions

•       Evaluates outcomes to identify opportunities for improvement

•       Systematically gathers and analyses all relevant information and evaluates options to inform decisions about organisational strategies

Task requirements

This assessment task requires you to establish the strategic direction of the organisation, sustain competitive advantage and enhance competitiveness. The assessment activities are mentioned within the assessment task.

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