BSBSTR502 Facilitate Continuous Improvement

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Workplace Project Assessment

Project Overview

 This assessment is divided into twelve tasks:§  Task 1: Identify Current Continuous Improvement Systems and Processes§  Task 2: Identify and Define Improvement Needs and Opportunities

§  Task 3: Develop Decision-Making Processes

§  Task 4: Communicate Decision-Making Processes

§  Task 5: Develop Strategies for Continuous Improvement

§  Task 6: Develop Knowledge Management Systems

§  Task 7: Develop Processes to Inform Team Members about Outcomes

§  Task 8: Coach Team Members to Implement and Support Systems and Processes

§  Task 9: Ensure Progress, Insights and Experiences are Captured and Accessible

§  Task 10: Identify and Evaluate Improvements to Planning and Operations

§  Task 11: Recommend Improvements to Planning and Operations

§  Task 12: Seek Feedback on Continuous Improvement Systems and Processes

This project requires you to complete the assessment tasks in a real workplace, or in an environment with conditions similar to that of a workplace.

Each task comes with a set of instructions. You are to follow and perform these instructions while being observed by the assessor and/or submit any required documentation.

Before starting this assessment, your assessor will discuss with you these tasks, including instructions and guidance for satisfactorily completing them.

You are required to:§  Complete the tasks within the time allowed, as scheduled in-class roll.§  Identify continuous systems and processes currently used in the workplace

§  Develop decision-making processes to assist in continuous improvement

§  Develop continuous improvement strategies to address improvement needs and opportunities

§  Develop knowledge management systems to capture team’s progress, insights and experiences

§  Develop processes to ensure team members are informed of continuous improvement outcomes

§  Recommend improvement to continuous improvement planning and implementation

§  Identify improvements to continuous improvement systems and processes

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