BSBSTR401 Promote Innovation in Team Environments

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Assessment Task 1 – Written Questions

Note: All questions are to be answered in a minimum 100 – 200 words or as advised specifically in the question &/or by the trainer/assessor.

1. In your own words, explain the concept of innovation in the

2. Explain each of the following types of business innovations:

    1. Incremental innovation
    2. Disruptive innovation

3. List three ways that organisations can benefit from innovation.

4. Describe two external factors that contribute to a team becoming and remaining

5. Describe three benefits of having a team made up of people with diverse

6. Review the scenario and then answer the question that follows:

Scenario: You are employed as the team leader for a small outbound call centre. The business does not have a centralised system, recording interactions with potential clients. This has always been a manual process – notes written down in notebooks, which can sometimes be misplaced. Recently several employees have left the organisation, and any potential sales lead that they may have had cannot be found.

You have asked your team to divide themselves into two groups to reflect on the current procedural issues and generate ideas in which these systems could be improved. You have asked each group to have a list of suggestions to you by the end of the week.

Group one consists of three staff members, all a similar age, who have all worked in the same call centre for over six years.

Group two consists of two new, younger staff members who have come from different organisations and one older employee who has worked in a variety of call centres for most of his working life.

Question: Which group do you think will work together to generate the most innovative ideas? Explain your response.

7. Once a new process is approved and implemented, how would you gather feedback to monitor its effectiveness?

8. List two ways of determining the success of the new

9. Describe three qualities and behaviours of a person who role models and encourages innovation in the

10. Describe three qualities and behaviours of a person who hinders innovation in the

11. List three team rules that should be established before a team starts a new work

12. List three potential barriers to

13. Provide two reasons why it is important for teams to be recognised and rewarded for promoting and implementing innovation in the workplace.

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