BSBLDR812 Develop and Cultivate Collaborative Partnerships and Relationships - Team Presentation

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Read the following scenario and prepare a team presentation

In your assignment task 2, you have completed a report on establishing a partnership program based on collaboration and trust. Now you have to analyze and evaluate partnership performance. Describe how would you do that and present this to your team. Please consider the following points –

  1. Analyze partners’ activity against intended outcomes
    • Specify the evaluation questions being asked.
    • Identify what should be measured, for whom, and how often.
    • Plan the analysis or comparison to be used.
    • Develop and finalize a plan to put those methods into place.
    • Conduct the outcome evaluation
  1. Evaluate and identify improvements to partnership in collaboration with partners
    • Ask yourself if it's worth your time. ...
    • Test the waters with an ...
    • See if it conflicts with your company structure. ...
    • Look for profit. ...
    • Understand the level of commitment. ...
    • Evaluate the basic benefits of the business partnership
  • Implement identified improvements to partnership operations
    • The first step is to get a full overview of the process that needs improvements
    • Analyze
    • Redesign
    • Assign
    • Implementation
    • Communication
    • Monitor
    • Manage Tasks & Build Timelines

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