BSBLDR812 Develop and Cultivate Collaborative Partnerships and Relationships - Assessment 2: Research Based Report

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Read the following instructions and make a report with all the requirements highlighted:

This report will demonstrate that you have the leadership skills in creating a culture of collaboration and trust. This project is based on performance evidence which means you must demonstrate that you have the ability to lead the establishment of a partnership program.

Select an organisation of your choice. You must be familiar enough with the organisation to understand the nature of their business; to the extent you can identify relevant stakeholders, opportunities for collaboration and potential partnership alliances. You may decide to choose an organisation that you have previously worked in.

You are required to undertake the following activities to complete this task:

  1. Introduction of the organization, goals, mission, and vision

Established in 1985, RCF is a coach manufacturing unit of Indian Railways. RCF has

already carved a niche in the industrial scenario of the country at

large and Indian Railways, in particular.After turning out its first coach in March 1988, RCF has moved on to become the largest and most modern coach manufacturing unit of Indian Railways. At present more than 39,000 RCF built coaches are traversing the length and breadth of our nation. Every year RCF is adding more than 1500 coaches to this fleet, which includes AC and Non-AC coaches for Broad Gauge.

  1. Develop a partnership plan that:
    1. Contains the relevant organization policies and procedures, including those related to

RCF is equipped with a state-of-the art CAD centre and CNC machines to undertake design and manufacture of bogies, shells (both with stainless steel and corten steel).FRP interiors as per customer requirement.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and processes have enabled RCF to achieve excellence in Design, Development, Manufacture, Installation and after sales service of Railway Coaches with a view to ensure enhanced satisfaction of the Rail customer.

  1. Identify and incorporate the relevant legal requirements into the
  2. Identify the type of private/public partnership the organization would like to engage

Basics of 5S

SEIRI : SEGREGATE/ ORGANIZE • Organization or re-organization : to sort out unnecessary items in the work place. Things not belonging to that area to be removed from there. • If repairing is required, separate them and get them repaired. • If it has to be discarded, send it to scrap yard for further disposal. SEITON : ARRANGEMENT • Everything should have a place and everything should be in its place • Put the things neatly and in order. • Decide the place, mark the place, put label on items. Arrange the items in such a way so that they can be picked up easily for use

SEISO : CLEANLINESS • When we are doing cleaning, we are also inspecting simultaneously, • Clean your work place completely so that there should not be any dust on the floor, walls, windows, desk, table, machinery etc. • Cleaning should be done at Macro level first, and then individual item wise. and finally at micro level.

SEIKETSU : MAINTENANCE OF STANDARDS • To develop Standards i.e. schedule for maintaining first 3 S . • A weekly schedule for review of first “3S” is recommended. SHITSUKE : DISCIPLINE • The ordered system which is achieved by implementation of ‘4-S’ should be followed in such a way that, standard practices become a part of daily working. This will help to maintain high levels of work place management at all the time. 4. Objectives of 5S: • Creating a neat and clean workplace. • Systematize day to day working. • Improve work efficiency. • Standardize work practices. • Improve work discipline. 5. Benefits of 5S System • To get rid of unnecessary things • Maximum space utilization • All the roads and

pathways remains clear which reduce accidents • Material can be easily retrieved • Employees satisfaction and maximum involvement at all levels. • Increase productivity • Better housekeeping and healthy environment

  1. Allocates the resource requirements to accomplish the partnership
  2. Describe the systems for reporting the results of the partnership program against the planned partnership

-     RCF being the largest coach manufacturing unit in the world, it has been putting in constant efforts for continual improvement in the field of Productivity and Quality by strengthening its systems and adopting new techniques. The efforts are on to establish RCF not only as one of the largest coach manufacturer, but also manufacturing coaches to the International Quality standards. To compete at the international level of product Quality there is an imperative need to develop RCF’s working culture to an international bench marking. Rail coach Factory, Kapurthala in consultation with M/s Quality Circle Forum of India, Hyderabad has implemented Modern Quality Concept i.e. 5S (Workplace Management System) in three phases. RCF is the first organization in Indian Railways to obtain the ‘5S’ Certification (A Japanese concept for improving Work Place Efficiency) in year 2008.

  1. A detailed partnership agreement that outlines all the relevant issues that you need to consider in this joint venture including answering the following questions:
    1. Establish outcomes that can be achieved from the partnership
    2. Explain how you will conduct ongoing consultation with your partner o Explaining mission and vision statement
      • Integrity and optimum utilization of resources available
      • Long term Perspective
      • Communicating regarding believing in healthy competition and compliance:
      • Maintaining Respect, trust, and honor
    3. Describe the communication solutions you will adopt to engage with your partner
  1. Outline how you will lead the establishment of positive collaborative relationships within the company including the following points:
    1. Processes that contribute to a positive culture
    2. Processes which you will put in place to resolve conflict
    3. Plan to organize and allocate work activities
    4. Method to encourage staff to undertake personal competence
    5. Approaches to empowering staff to develop their way of working
    6. Indicator and feedback process for work environment

Present this as report format with appropriate table of contents, headings, graphs, and tables if needed. You should include a reference list.

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