BSBLDR812 - Assessment 1: Knowledge Questions

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Attempt all questions (Please provide references or acknowledge your sources)

  1. Describe three ways you can demonstrate a high standard of personal performance and conduct to generate trust, confidence and support from relevant stakeholders?
    • This standard refers to how an employee acts within the work place.
    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Problem-solving
    • Accountability
    • Time management
  1. Explain what actions will be completed as part of developing and implementing communication strategies to represent the organisation positively to media, local community and stakeholders?
    • Keep it real. When delivering your message, be truthful and as complete as possible
    • Be Don't wait until you have all the information to deliver a message
    • Focus on consistency
    • Tailor your message
    • Reinforce it
    • Encourage feedback
    • Empower your managers
  1. Outline why is it important to consult with relevant individuals and stakeholders when making a critical decision?

-     Stakeholder consultation aims to build relationships based on mutual trust and benefits. Listening to and understanding the views and feedback from stakeholders can help shape and improve the overall operations of a business

  1. Highlight what influencing strategies could be used to increase commitment from staff and stakeholders to achieve organisational requirements and to contribute to the desired culture?
  2. Explain the importance of undertaking selected community and/or professional engagements that project a positive image (of the organization) to the broader community and relevant stakeholders?

Through feedback, community engagement enables government and public decision-making organizations to listen and, in turn, demonstrate the impact of community contribution. Community engagement, then, builds deeper, stronger and more trusting relationships between public organizations and communities

  1. Identify the types of communication strategies that are used to cultivate collaborative communities and partnerships?
  2. Identify reasons why organizations seek to forge collaborative relationships and partnerships?
    • It helps us problem-solve. ...
    • Collaboration brings people (and organizations) closer ...
    • Collaboration helps people learn from each ...
    • It opens up new channels for communication. ...
    • Collaboration boosts morale across your organization. ...
    • It leads to higher retention rates.
  1. Explain major processes that can be established and used to create and maintain a positive culture that embraces collaboration within the organization.

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