BSBLDR811 Lead Strategic Transformation Assessment Task 2

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Scenario-based task

Imagine you joined an organization where work health and safety had been poorly managed. You are told by your CEO to supervise your organization’s WHS position and make necessary changes. After careful analysis, you have found, there are few organizational issues which are required to be fixed before working on WHS. You have found that your team may need restructuring or may be retraining. There is no WHS policy in your workplace. Staff members feel unsafe while working because there is no safety guideline, and work areas have outdated equipment and materials. There are few unresolved issues with some stakeholders and potential suppliers.

It is quite clear to you that this organization needs an overall transformation and strong leadership. As first step towards it, you would like to call a meeting with all staff members to explain relevant organizational issues and WHS risks; then go ahead taking the strategic steps one by one. Prepare a plan (in report format) which you would like to follow to make things happen; consider the following points while making this report

  1. Analyse and confirm capacity and competence of relevant individuals who will take part in your change project
  2. Identify and submit a plan to handle risks in change management process
  3. Develop learning and communication processes for addressing problems and risks
  4. Make changes to change management process according to risks and inform stakeholders and take their suggestions (for this you have to show a project plan and incorporate the changes after considering risks and stakeholders’ suggestions).


  1. Engage staff during the planning phase.

Involve staff in changes that affect them.

Help your staff manage loss.

Choose a diverse project team.

Stay focused on the reason for change.

Identify attitude barriers early.
Define the tasks well.

  1. Identify the risk. Assess the risk. Treat the risk. Monitor and Report on the risk.
  2. Communicate clearly, early, and often.

Communicate through multiple channels.

Answer the questions, “what's in it for me?” and “what does it mean to me?”

Prepare for resistance.

Listen to feedback.

Don't be afraid to repeat yourself.

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