BSBINS603 Initiate and Lead Applied Research - Assessment 2: Research Report

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Read the following instructions and prepare a research proposal with all the requirements highlighted:

To complete this assessment task, students are required to select a company and at least one product / service that it offers. This may be their practice environment or another organisation or workplace to which they have access/knowledge.

Research Project scenario:

In this project you require to write a research proposal to initiate and lead applied research. Writing a

research proposal can often be a very challenging and time-consuming process – especially for first timers. However, it is essential to get the best possible solution for your research needs. A great research proposal possesses clarity, displays depth of thought and provides direction. The bigger the scope of the project, the greater the importance of the outcome and the more time and energy you should invest in developing the research proposal. Remember, it is not only about conducting the research, but also about achieving an outcome.

The following tasks need to be completed to put together a great research proposal. A research proposal should contain some, and ideally all, of the following information. Complete all the following tasks:

  • Introduction of the Company/Product or Services. Define the market and explain its dynamics, major players and key competitors
  • Past and current activity, target markets (description of the geographical, cultural, social or institutional context within which the research will be carried out)
  • Factors such as regulations, seasonality, distribution, pricing, communication, etc
  • Research Problem and focus of the study.
  • A clear and detailed statement of the research purpose and question or hypothesis being investigated, and how it meets the needs of the target group.
  • A description of the geographical, cultural, social or institutional context within which the research will be carried out.
  • A clear and detailed statement of the policies and procedures for conducting the research which includes consideration of all ethical requirements relevant to the context and how the data will be collected and stored in a systematic way to meet organizational policy requirements.
  • A description of the research methodology and data collection and analysis methods, population or sample size which includes an analysis of factors affecting the integrity, validity and reliability of the research.
  • An analysis of limitations of the research within the specific context which were considered when designing the research question and procedures.
  • Evidence of consideration of a range of available research methods, theories and data collection techniques.

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