BSBHRM613 Contribute to The Development of Learning and Development Strategies - Knowledge Questions

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  1. How important is it to align workplace learning and training with the organizational strategy? Explain.
    • Aligning training to business needs has a positive impact on the And the better the organization does, the more its employees benefit from a stable job, year-end bonuses, and career advancement opportunities.
  1. How could you evaluate methods of learning and development in your organization?
    • Self-assessment questionnaires.
    • Informal feedback from peers and managers.
    • Focus groups.
    • On-the-job observation.
    • Actual job performance key performance indicators (KPIs)
  1. What is organizational learning? How could you analyse the impact of learning and development on organization?

  1. Suppose you are asked to examine and develop quality policies within an organizational learning framework. What would be your line of actions?
    • In order to understand this variation, we separate organizational learning

into four processes: search, knowledge creation, knowledge retention, and knowledge transfer

  1. How could you plan an effective learning strategy to support an organization’s overall strategy and policy requirements?
    • Attract and retain Traditionally, learning focused solely on improving productivity. ...
    • Develop people capabilities. Human capital requires ongoing investments in L&D to retain its value. ...
    • Create a values-based culture. ...
    • Build an employer brand. ...
  • Motivate and engage employees
  1. Research and identify appropriate technological and system requirements for an organizational learning strategy.
  2. How could you analyze and align organizational learning strategy with HR (human resources) requirements?
    • Business Strategy emphasizes how it intends to succeed in its chosen market place. It mainly focuses on competitive advantage. Business

Strategy helps to establish the direction in which the organization is going in relation to its environment

  1. Describe the procedures you would develop to liaise with educators, learners and others to monitor learning and development strategies and relevant resources.

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