BSBHRM611 Contribute to Organisational Performance Development

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  1. This assessment item has four parts. Part A has Knowledge questions and Part B has an Essay type long answer question
  2. In order to be treated as competent, you have to attempt all sections and demonstrate satisfactory performance.
  3. Answer all questions.
  4. In case of any doubt, contact/email your trainer.
  5. After completion please UPLOAD your paper on PCT study desk (Moodle)

Part A - Knowledge questions

  1. Identify the objectives of Organizational performance development (OPD) program. List key stakeholders you need to consult during OPD program planning.
  2. Outline the features of KEY legislations that you may need to refer when you plan OPD (Organizational performance development).
  3. Briefly discuss the steps in establishing Organisational Performance Development Policies and Procedures in organizations. Outline the content of an OPD policy.
  4. We know that methods and modes of OPD programs depend on the organization, its policies and functions. Discuss few OPD programs and initiatives that you know.
  5. As a responsible leader, how would you address cultural and diversity issues during organizational performance development communications? Explain.

Part B - Essay

Imagine you actively took part in organizational transformation and leaded a team to coordinate OPD activities. You cultivated collaborative practices, nurtured relationships, completed professional development and demonstrated leadership to achieve a moderately good outcome. Reflect on that incident and discuss –

  • How did you manage privacy and confidentiality requirements during data collection and OPD management procedure?
  • How did you evaluate your OPD program effectiveness – discuss one model.

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