BSBHRM611 Contribute to Organisational Performance Development - Assessment Task 1

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This assessment will assess your skills and knowledge in the ‘BSBHRM611 Contribute to organisational performance development unit of competence. The following table maps the assessment activity against elements of performance criteria and knowledge evidence:

Question Performance Criteria KE



All questions

1.1 Determine benefits of, and need for, organisational performance development1.2 Define organisational performance development program purpose and objectives1.3 Develop organisational performance development program plan with appropriate outcomes, in consultation with key stakeholders

1.4 Establish relevant management structures and wider support requirements

1.5 Determine organisational performance development program modes and methods

1.6 Determine methods and resources required to report organisational performance development program outcomes

1.7 Develop means to report and collate outcomes of organisational performance development






All (as per TGA)

  • The student must have access to a Computer, Printer and appropriate Microsoft Office Suite Applications and other relevant workplace documents for doing the assessment for this unit. The student may also require access to case studies, real case scenarios and other relevant workplace documentations.
  • If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor. If the assessment is not satisfactory, the trainer will allow one more attempt to the assessment item.
  • Please provide references or name of internet sources used

Attempt all questions

  1. Write down the purpose and benefits of an organisational performance development program.
  2. What are the components of an organisational performance development program (or strategy)?
  3. Outline organisational performance development program design principles.
  4. Discuss management roles in an organisational performance development. (Learner must identify at least three roles that are a part of an organisational performance development program).
  5. Outline the legislation and organisational policies relevant to organisational performance development, including confidentiality and privacy requirements.
  6. What are the key methods for evaluating and reporting on organisational performance development programs? Discuss briefly how each identified method is used to evaluate an organisational performance development program.

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