BSBHRM611 Contribute to Organisational Performance Development Assessment 2: Project

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Read the following scenario and do the tasks which follow:

Select your organization or any organization you know. Imagine you are leading the planning team in order to bring overall performance changes to a particular department in the organization. The department has been facing a massive shortfall in earnings and CEO warned a possible shutdown if condition does not improve. You and your team will be engaged into the planning, development, and coordination of performance development program for the department.

With your team you must show that you have contributed to planning, developing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating organizational performance development.

Complete the following activities – (Use appropriate tool or template; ask your trainer to know more)

  • Prepare an organizational performance development (OPD) plan (USE a template or standard form)
  • Consult with key stakeholders on the OPD plan (show email samples, communication plan etc.)
  • Develop OPD program tools and resources (Data management systems, Code of practice, KPIs, rating systems, standard operating procedures etc.)
  • Establish OPD procedures and requirements (performance development policies, design principles etc)
  • Ensure development of personal growth plans through training, coaching
  • Address cultural differences and diversity issues in OPD communication (show email or meeting evidence)
  • Monitor organizational performance development (monitoring strategy and tools)
  • Complete organizational performance development record-keeping and reporting requirements
  • Evaluate organizational performance development program (discuss your evaluation model)

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