BSBHRM413 Support The Learning and Development of Teams and Individuals - Assessment 1: Short Answer Questions

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Short Answer Questions

Question 1
Complete the table below about facilitation techniques:a.    Identify at least two kinds of facilitation techniquesb.    Briefly explain the following for each technique identified:

i.        How each technique supports team development

ii.        How each technique leads to team improvement

Facilitation Technique Brief Explanation of How it Supports Team Development Brief Explanation of How it Leads to Team Improvement
Question 2  
Bounce Fitness is a premier fitness centre popular across Australia. Bounce Fitness currently has four centres across Australia, with plans of opening a new centre in Perth. Access the website below to learn more about Bounce Fitness:Bounce Fitness

Answer the questions below about Bounce Fitness’ personnel policies.

Personnel Policies

a.    Identify Bounce Fitness’ policy on anti-discrimination
b.    Identify at least five grounds for discrimination in the Bounce Fitness policy.
c.    Briefly explain how this policy would influence a team’s formation.
Question 3  
Complete the tables below by identifying the following:a.    At least two job roles typically undertaken in your identified industryb.    For each job role, identify the following:

i.        At least one training package for the job role

ii.        All the competency standards under the training package identified that is required for each job role identified

Competency standards refers to the specific units within a training package that an individual must take to be qualified for the job role.

Job Role Training Package Competency Standards
          Question 4
Identify at least three sources of information to access if you want to identify an individual’s development needs.
Question 5
Complete the table below:a.    Identify at least three learning and development methodsb.    For each method identified:

i.        Identify at least one strength

ii.        Identify at least one weakness

Learning and Development Method Strength Weakness

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