BMA701 Leadership and Change Management - Assessment 3 – Reflection and Integration

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Assessment task 3: Reflection

The purpose of this individual assessment task is to provide you the opportunity for theoretically informed critical reflection on your experiences of work, volunteering, study, or sport.

Respond to the questions below by integrating your personal experiences with your understanding of leadership and change management research gained through this unit. The aim is for you to use theory to help you 'make sense' of your own experiences and to guide your future action.

1. Explain a time you experienced or demonstrated leadership. What was it like? Use academic theory and principles to explain (500 words)

2. Explain a time you experienced or led change. What was it like? Use academic theory and principles to explain (500 words)

3. Articulate 3 key [earnings you have achieved in this unit and how they will inform your future leadership and/or change management practice (500 words)

For this assessment, you may write in the first person. However, you still need to integrate academic theory and principles by making clear references to academic sources.

Theory and principles should be used to help make sense of your experiences; you may also use your experience to demonstrate how/where theory/principles fall short in applicability.

Note: The rational for this assessment is grounded in evidence that structured, critical, after-event review (ie you reviewing your past experience of leadership and change, combined with your learning in this unit) facilitates leadership development.

For more on this see the following article in the BMA701 Reading List:

DeRue et al (2012) A quasi-experimental study of after-event reviews and leadership development. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97(5), 997-1015

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