BIS1001 Foundations of Information Systems - Assessment 1: Report

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Assessment 1: Report

Due date: Week 5
Group/individual: Individual
Word count /Time provided: 1750
Weighting: 30%
Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, ULO-2, ULO-3

Assessment Details: E business venture using information systems and website creation

You are considering establishing a new online business that you believe is niche product, niche market and an opportunity to run an online business, improve sales and profits by marketing products/services to many customers worldwide, and due to customers worldwide having grown significantly over the years. You see this is a good opportunity and motivation to launch a new product/service that is uniquely different to competitors within the same industry.

You are to establish a brand new business that has not been previously established. In this task, you are required to select one industry from the following list, and select either a product, service or both product and service together into one business idea. Your main target market is domestic or foreign market. You need to choose the product/service that you are interested to run online business and able to operate the business with the help of information systems that would reach your target market worldwide and attract as many customers as possible. You are not limited to domestic market.

You are required to select one industry from the following:

Manufacturing Clothing
Retail Food service
Transportation Education and training
Airline Entertainment
Trade Health/Pharmaceutical
Financial and insurance services Automobile
Agriculture Real estate
Hospitality & tourism Personal services

You need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Select a business and industry that you are interested in the domestic or global market. Provide two paragraphs about your new e-commerce business idea, including the product/service to be launched, industry background information and any other relevant information. You must not exceed two paragraphs.
  2. Discuss potential business opportunities. You may consider new market opportunities, market size, demographic profile customers, less competition, niche market, low tax, minimal government intervention or regulations within the industry, minimal government or industry restrictions on selling or advertising, low cost of running an online business, and any relevant information that you believe you make the right decision to choose online business rather a physical premise. You may also consider a joint venture partnership to help with running the business, if you select this option you also need to provide an
  3. Identify and discuss the current issues impacting your online business. You may consider current global supply chain issues, labour shortages, demand constraints, war, uncertainty with customer demand of products/services, government restrictions, and any other relevant information impacting your business.
  4. Discuss information system requirements to run online business. You may consider special software that are commonly used by businesses such as allowing customers to make online booking, chat software, customer order app, social media software, software for customers to design product menu, click & collect app, software that is used by business operators, and any other software that you believe is suitable to your business. You need to search for suitable software requirements for your new business.
  5. Design a brand new website that is suitable to your business needs attract many customers and enhance sales traffic. The website needs to be unique in the eyes of customers. You need to be creative with designing the website, include real images of products/services as much as The website needs to be customised to suit your business needs.

Please register at to create a website. Do not provide personal details on the website and do not use your college email. Please register using your alternative email.

You are required to submit the report together with a link to your website. Please publish the link to enable staff to see your website. The report submission is due on Friday in week 5.

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