BIBM794 Applied Research

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On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to identify a business-related issue or challenge related to your study major and to develop a plan of action for the process of enquiry and investigation of the identified issue or challenge


  • This is an individual assessment
  • Due date: Week 6 (Sunday 26th March, 2023).
  • Time: Please submit to Moodle by 6:00pm on the due
  • Word limit – please note:

BIBM794 Applied Research | 30 credits – 2,500 words, ±10%

(12-15 References from credible sources to be included as part of your literature review)


Please read through the following task details and ensure that you have addressed everything that is required.

Question Task Details Marks
1 Introduction Provide a clear outline of the aim or purpose of the study and a general overview of what the proposal will cover. 5
2 Background The background should ‘set the scene’ for your study. Include:§ Set the context – background information of the organisation/s or market/industry/sector the study is based on. (5 marks)§ Outline your problem statement – what issue/ challenge will you be looking at? (5 marks)

§ Introduce the research topic, define the research objectives of how you intend to address the overall problem statement. (5 Marks)

§ Highlight the intended contribution or significance of the study to the organisation, market, sector or industry. (5 Marks)

3 Literature Review Address the objectives of your study, through a literature review. This section should consist of existing literature on your research objectives and related ideas about your specified business challenge/issue. Ensure that you meet the minimum number of references criteria as required for the module you are enrolled in and that you obtain literature from credible sources. 20
4 Research Methodology | Methods Include:§ Provide an outline of the proposed methodology and justification for its use. (5 marks)§ Outline the respective method/s that will be used and justification for using those methods. (5 marks)

§ Sample/Participants – identify the sample frame and the criteria for selection of the sample; sampling method that will be used; and the

sample size. (5 marks)

§ Clearly define the appropriate strategy for data analysis. (5 marks)

§ Well defined key Interview/Questionnaire questions and/or measurement scales (for quantitative study) or both. (5 marks)

5 Ethical Issues This section must clearly demonstrate that you have considered all ethical issues which may arise and the way they will be addressed:§ Include an Ethics statement by outlining what level of ethics is required for your study. Then address the following in one statement or bullet points:§ Informed and voluntary participation

§ Privacy and Confidentiality

§ Withdrawal

§ Storage and Access

6 ResourcesRequired Consider any resources that may be needed for the completion of your study including access to tools and costs involved. 2
7 Time Schedule Include the intended milestones and dates for the completion of your Research Report. This could be illustrated on a Gantt chart or in a table format. 3
Formatting Grammar & Spelling APA Referencing
Academic writing, grammar|spelling Use of sound academic writing; no grammatical, spelling errors. Keep your writingsimple, avoid overuse of quotations, avoid non-standard abbreviations; explain the key terms used in the study. 10
Formatting| Word limit Consistency in the use of font, font size and line spacing. Consistent formattingthroughout. Adhere to the word limit 5
7th edition APA Referencing Guidelines Using APA Referencing Guidelines (7th edition):

§ Relevant number of references (BIBM794 – 12-15 references | BIBM796 – 8-10 references)

§ Correct in-text citations

§ Every reference cited in the text needs to be presented in the reference list (and vice versa).

§ Reference List in alphabetical order

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