BFA715 Contemporary Accounting Perspectives and Research - Assessment Task 2: Research Pitch

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Assessment Task 2 – Presentation and Video

  1. Assessment Task Introduction

Students will prepare an individual video presentation pitching a potential (Accounting or Corporate Governance) research project, using either Faff’s (2015) Quantitative or Lodhia’s (2019) Qualitative Pitching Template.

Students will also have 5 minutes in Workshop 3 to ‘pitch’ their research topic and gain feedback from their peers.

The proposed research project should be designed to provide a sustainable accounting solution to an accounting research problem in a large-scale organisation.

Criterion and Learning Outcomes to relevant to this Task

  1. Learning Outcomes Applicable to Assessment Task

LO1       Evaluate the application of research methods in accounting practice.

LO2       Elaborate on the application of contemporary accounting theory to accounting researchers and practitioners.

LO3       Hypothesise sustainable accounting solution(s) to an accounting research problem in a large-scale organisation.

  1. Criterion to be applied in Assessing Achievement of Learning Outcomes in this task embraced in this assessment
CRITERION # CRITERIONApply research methods to the accounting context MEASURES INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOMELO1
 CRITERION 2: Apply a pitch method to propose a sustainable accounting solution LO1
 CRITERION 3: Apply accounting theory and practice LO2
CRITERION 4: Use judgment to apply appropriate theory to practical contexts LO2
CRITERION 5: Propose sustainable accounting solutions using an appropriate evidence- base LO3

4. Vital Activity for you in Achieving this Activities Expected Learning Outcomes (and Criterion)

Identify a research topic that you believe will be important.

Identify a research question and prepare materials to argue why this topic is important.

A research pitch requires that you argue the case.

You need to be prepared to discuss your pitch with peers in Workshop 3, and prepare a video (adopting Zoom for example) to pitch your chosen research area.  This will then be loaded to MyLo under AT 2.

This will be the basis for your preparation of AT3 after taking on board any feedback provided.

  1. Assistance in Preparation
  2. Faff and Lodhia’s articles are available on MyLo

Faff, R.W.  2015.  A simple template for pitching research.  Accounting and Finance.  55. 311-336.

Lodhia, S.  2019.  What about your qualitative cousins?  Adapting the pitching template to qualitative research.  Accounting and Finance.  59.  309-329.

  1. Workshop 1 and 2 embraced aspects of requirements for this task
  2. Ensure you read the Concepts Paper provided and referred to in Workshop 1
  3. Workshop 2 also provided time to discuss potential research questions.
  4. Once you have selected a potential research area it would be useful to go to the library site and look up a few articles (in ejournals such as Accounting, Auditing and Accountability. Accounting Forum. Accounting and Finance) to start to explore your area of interest).

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