BFA713 Assurance and Audit Services - Assignment 3

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This assessment task will be based on your Systematic Review and Audit Plan submitted in AT2. Specifically, the presentation should be oriented towards your direct supervisor in an Audit firm (the Audit partner). The presentation should be designed to cover the key ideas/recommendations conveyed by your group review, risk assessment and audit plan. Presentations will need to be in video format no more than 6 minutes in length and include head shots of both team members presenting. Additional information including a rubric will be provided during the second workshop.

Detailed guidance:

Use the findings from Assignment 2 that you have completed to present any (ONE) 1 inherent risk, 1 control risk and 1 SDG related risk in your client company. Your research will also provide an audit plan on how the auditors will be conducting testing for the associated risks.

  1. Please remember that you will be presenting to an Audit partner of your audit firm. You are presenting this to ensure that they are kept up to date about the key findings and to assure them that you have planned the audit well for the risks that you have encountered in the client
  2. Your presentation should be directed to the Audit partner and keep your audience in mind (the audit partner).
  3. Students can use any recording platform that will allow them to generate the video file.
  4. Please make sure that both the team members are visible throughout the
  5. Make sure that your presentation is easy to follow even if the listeners have not read your
  6. The video length should be 6 minutes (six minutes total) maximum.
  7. Please read the marking rubric associated with this to make sure you have covered all the key aspects in your presentation.

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