BAA539 Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Assessment 3 Question

The report requires you to further develop the idea / opportunity your group identified in Assessment Task 2, including:

  • Describe the process you and your team took to develop the product / service by using effectuation / causation model. You can change the product based on the feedback you received for assessment 2.
  • Critically evaluate why and how you / your team (or yourself if you changed the original idea) developed this new product / service. Use entrepreneurial identity principles here.
  • Select a country you want to introduce your product / service.   Discuss some of the key elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the chosen country that will hinder and / or facilitate the promotion of your product / service.
  • complete a business model canvas for your proposed solution. Do not use the Business Model Canvas template.  Add the nine business model canvas components, as sub - headings in your assignment.

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