B123489 Theories and Techniques of Persuasion

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Assessment Criteria

Write a 2,500 Word Essay Focusing Upon One of the Persuasive Traditions covered during the second half of the course. Your Essay Must:

  1. Provide a Summative Exegesis of Primary, Secondary and Self-Directed Readings — Dual Process Persuasion but a focus on Kahneman’s work (Thinking Fast and Slow)
  2. Interpret one of ‘The Best Liked Ads of the Past Decade’ (You Gov Survey) on its Basis

Campaign Selection Options:

  1. Channel 4 ‘Superhumans’
  2. John Lewis ‘The Long Wait’
  3. Old Spice ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’
  4. Sport England ‘This Girl Can’
  5. .Red Bull ‘Stratos’
  6. Nike ‘Write the Future’
  7. Lego Movie ‘Channel 4 Ad Break Takeover’
  8. Always ‘Like a Girl’
  9. ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge

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