Assignment Task 1A Week 3 submission (10%) – Students need to submit the Research Question and the References List for the 5 journal articles using APA 7 referencing style. Justify in max 100 words why you propose the respective research question.

Assignment 1

Annotated Bibliography

Overview Aim: You are required to produce a brief summary of content analysis for academic journal articles.

Activities and Production – This assignment has 2 parts equivalents to 1500 words. This individual assessment will contribute 30% to your overall grade.

Each part should be submitted separately on the LMS site on different dates based on the assignment due dates.

  • Part 1A (10%) due on week 3
  • Part 1B (20%) due on week 5


Demonstrate your ability:

  • To frame a research question (only one question) from the research theme of ‘sustainability’ or sustainability related concept (e.g. corporate social responsibility)
  • to search and select (5) academic journal articles
  • to review the literature of sustainability within a context of business, management, marketing
  • to expose the quality and depth of reading you have
  • to explore and organise the content of the 5 articles to support the aim of your literature research that you outlined in your research


  • Determine the research question you are exploring from the theme or concept of
  • Write the research question (only one question).
  • Identify the relevant 5 academic journal Only select articles published in the last 5 years.
  • Develop the contents for annotated Your annotations may contain all or most of the following elements depending on the content of the sources (journal articles) you are examining.
    • Provide the full bibliographic citation using APA 7 referencing style
    • Outline the main argument in the text
    • Indicate the content or scope of the text
    • Identify the research methods if applicable
    • Discuss the relevance or usefulness of the text to your research question
    • State the strength and limitation of the study
    • Identify the conclusions made by the authors
    • Present your view [personal reflection] or reaction to the text’
  • Prepare 5 annotated bibliography summaries (200-250 words for each including references per citation). Arranged the summary alphabetically according to the author’s last name.

Note: you may use 1-3 sentences to elaborate on each of the above elements.

  • Write a commentary for not more than 150 words concluding if you had managed to find answer(s) for your research No reference required here to support your statement.

For additional resources, kindly refer to the

  • Assessment Task Rubrics 1A and 1B
  • Document titled “Assignment 1: Additional Resources” PPT slides
  • Document titled “sample of Annotated Biblipgraphy”
  • Document titled “Sample of Research Questions”

Submission Requirements

You should submit these two assignments (part 1A and 1B) using the LMS submission link prior to the deadlines of each assignment. See below for the details of the sub-assignment.

Assignment Task 1A

Week 3 submission (10%) – Students need to submit the Research Question and the References List for the 5 journal articles using APA 7 referencing style. Justify in max 100 words why you propose the respective research question.

Assignment Task 1B

Week 5 submission (20%) – Submit the full annotation summary assignment

Remember that, this report should:

  1. Clearly state your research question (only one question). You may use the research question provided in the sample or produce your own research question. Recommend designing your own research
  2. Produce five (5) annotated summaries
  3. Provide commentary in which you explain the answers you found for your research question. You must demonstrate critical writing skill based on the literature inquiry you made in writing the commentary part.
  4. Be approximately 1,500 words (250words X 5 annotation summaries plus max 150 words commentary)
  5. Do not provide reference list at the References included as element 1 in the assessment criteria.
  6. Demonstrate your ability to present a well written and well-structured report
  7. Use Calibri 12 point font
  8. Have 5 line spacing
  9. Use APA 7 referencing (no additional references required)
  10. Provide title of the report, student full name and student number, subject code and title, and name of tutor

Text similarity: You can submit your draft twice to check the Turnitin score but this has to be done prior to the deadline. Please keep the Turnitin text similarity score at a minimum (recommend below 15%). Assignments with poor referencing, or 25% similarity score or higher may be penalised and referred to Academic Integrity team.

Extensions: teaching staff will not be able to grant extensions to students. Students can seek extensions from Special Consideration team.

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