Assignment - Final International Business Project

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Written Report Word limit: 2250 words Maximum. Excludes the exactly 15 highly effective references you will utilise.

Audio Cast: 5 Minute Content and 2 Minute Reference Review (Maximum 7 Minutes) (Video will not be accepted)

Failure to deliver both components of the report -written and audio – will result in a mark of 0/40.

Unit Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically analyse how managers operate effectively in a global context.
  • Develop a capacity to formulate business decisions within a global context.
  • Integrate the social, economic and ethical impacts of business organisations with reference to sustainable business practice.
  • Evaluate the social, economic and ethical impacts of organisations with reference to sustainable business practice
  • Critically appraise how organisations operate and apply these frameworks in a global perspective.

A full in class review of this Assessment is available under Week 5 on Canvas.


Step 1: Your new employer is considering a partnership with a firm in either Hong Kong, China or Vancouver, Canada. Your supervisor would like to know the international managerial factors (chapters 13-19) that will need to be evaluated in the conducting of a new joint venture between your firm and a new foreign entity partnership (in either Hong Kong or Vancouver). So, you will need to compare and contrast the international managerial factors most relevant to the new venture and decide which of these two locations best suits the enterprise you represent.

Step 2: It is up to you to produce a professional business report with references (APA or Harvard Style) relying on various industry, company, country reports available freely or at cost. You will be assessed not only on the content, but structure, communication, writing excellence, professionalism, referencing and other academic and practical criteria.

Step 3: If, after reading the instructions and the breakdown of assessments, you have any remaining questions or comments you may consult your instructor. Or post to the discussion Assignments Q&A

Step 4: Please see the rubric for the marking criteria for this assignment and participate in the assessment reviews conducted by the Lecturer.

Step 5: Engage in the class/listen to the Assessment Review conducted by the Unit Coordinator in Week 3.

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