Assessment Task 3: Comparative Report

Weight: 20% of the total mark

Word count: 800 (+/-10%)

Details of task:

  • As the name suggests, the objective of the assessment task 3 is to provide students with the opportunity to systematically compare the Student Response with the Expert Response, and in the process, students are expected to reflect upon and demonstrate the intended learning outcomes. Students will need to prepare a comparative report and an action plan after watching short videos - one prepared by the Peninsula Health Dental Services for the general populations and one from an expert of the chosen population group. These videos are provided in the assessment section of the Moodle shell. These Links of the videos are available since you have submitted assessment task 2 on Moodle.
  • Students will not be able to proceed with this comparative report until they have submitted Student Response (Assessment task 2), and have viewed the associated Expert Response.
  • View the expert responses carefully and take notes
  • Your comparative report must address the following components -
  1. Introduce the topic and the main objectives of the comparative report
  2. Comparison with the expert’s opinion in relation to -
            • why dental health is important
            • consequences of poor oral health
            • access to services including barriers and facilitators
            • Australian Oral Health Plan
            • Resources for the community etc
  1. Please review marking rubric carefully for additional criteriaAssessment presentation guidelines 
  • Use a word doc only (For those students with mac computers, please convert to a word file equivalent). No other file types will be accepted.
  • Insert an assignment title page including:
    • Student ID number
    • Student name Course code and title Assessment
    • Name
    • Due date
    • Word count
    • Lecturer/s’ name/s
  • Use font style Arial, font size 12, double spacing and normal margins. Referencing and in-text citations should adhere to APA 7th guidelines. Your student ID and unit code (e.g. 12345678, HEAPH6001) should be in the header; with page numbering in the footer e.g. page 1 of 10.
  • Please include a word count after your conclusion, before the reference list.
  • Write within the suggested word count +/-10%. The word count includes in-text citations and in-text references. It does not include the reference list.

Online submission
Assignments are to be submitted through an electronic link on Moodle l “Assessment task 3-Comparative Report”. More information about using Turnitin can be found here

Video 1

Dental Health Services – general population

In this video, Amanda and Rachael from Peninsula Health Dental Service discuss oral health for the general population. Watch this video and make notes about how the  the expert responses compare to your own.


Video 2

Dental-oral health for people who are homeless

Peninsula Health nurse and team leader of the Mobile Integrated Health Service Ingrid shares her knowledge and experiences from working with people who are homeless.

Video 3

Refugee Health

Sue Willey, a nurse, midwife and Monash lecturer, has been working in refugee health for several years. In the video below she shares her experience.

Video 4

Indigenous Health

Nurse and project leader Kerry Strickland discusses how Peninsula Health supports oral-dental health in the Frankston Indigenous community.

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