Assessment Task 2: Rapid Evidence Review Question

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The Assignment Brief 

Project worth:  15%       

Word length: 800 (+/- 10% not including reference list)


This small assignment sets you up for the final assignment.

In your final assignment requires you to develop a strategy for doing a rapid evidence review to systematically analyse the research evidence that relates to a current policy issue. Rapid evidence reviews are more systematic and formal explorations of the evidence bases than what you might see in a general review of the literature.

A rapid evidence review is structured to respond to a set, predefined question.   Questions can be impact related in that they are interested in 'what works' or non-impact related in that they are concerned with the needs, experiences, and perceptions of key participants.

Your submission needs to name your question and provide a justification as to why it is a good investment of time and resources to undertake an evidence review to answer the question you have posed.

** .In your final assignment you are not actually completing the review. Rather, you are framing, documenting and justifying the strategy you would use to complete a rapid evidence review.

Assessment Criteria

Your submission will be assessed on how clear the question is 5%, how well you have justified it 5%  and the mechanics in terms of writing and referencing 5%

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