Assessment 3: Talent Management Plan

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Word limit: 2300 words (+/- 10%), excluding executive summary, table of contents, cover page, and references.

Unit Learning Outcomes (ULOs):

By completing this task, you will demonstrate that you are able to:

ULO 3: Justify development strategies which aim to ensure that the organisation has the supply of talent to meet strategic objectives.

ULO 4: Produce a talent management action plan based on the analysis of an organisational level problem or opportunity and justify the plan considering its ethical and social


A talent management plan is a strategic document that can assist organisations with a framework to articulate how it will source talent; and, how it will ensure that talent will be retained and perform so as to generate maximum value for all parties.

You will propose a talent management plan for the organisation, and corresponding talent, that you identified in the second assessment. Your talent management plan will be structured as follows:

  • Executive summary (approximately 150-200 words)
  • Introduction to the case organisation including its strategies (brief – less than 100­150 words) e.g., name, location, industry, size, strategies.
  • Listing of the ONE to TWO roles identified as talent in Assessment 2 – there is no need to re-justify these (50 words or less).
  • Talent Pool Development (approximately 1100 words)
  1. Propose and justify a set of highly targeted recruitment/selection strategies that will effectively and efficiently source the identified talent (person/position), if the person/position were to resign.
  2. Propose and justify a set of training and/or development plans for the identified

Retention and performance strategies (approximately 600 words)

  • detail and justify up to five targeted strategies that will be included as part of the employee value proposition/benefit package. This may range from things such as access to training opportunities, flexible working options, renumeration considerations, and tangible workplace culture, climate and management techniques that will be conducive to ongoing performance and retention. Ultimately, your benefits package should align with the strategic goals of your selected organisation, and you should discuss and detail this alignment.
  • Conclude your report (approximately 200 words). As part of this, articulate while your talent management plan offers the most ethically and economically robust way for the organisation to create value through its talent.

You may develop or integrate appropriate graphics or visual cues as part of your report. It should be of a standard that you would be satisfied to submit your report to the case organisation, and they could, with relafive ease, implement your ideas (if they considered them valuable).

You should use at least SIX scholarly (peer-reviewed) academic sources, published in the last FIVE years, to justify your plan. Additionally, seminal scholarly sources such as Collings and Mellahi’s 2009 paper reviewing Talent Management concepts may be cited throughout. Scholarly articles will be particularly useful in justifying your proposed employee benefit/value roposition strategies (part 5).

Referencing and submission guidelines

  • Use APA7th referencing for this assessment,
    namely size 12 font and 1.5 line spacing.
  • Submit one Microsoft Word file via the Canvas submission link.
  • Your report should be formatted such that it is aesthetically appealing and professionally Accordingly, you may like to use a professional report template.
  • It is recommended that there are visual elements (figures, tables and graphics) are used in your report where relevant.
  • Consideration should be given as to the degree of white space on a page, such that text is easy to read.

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