Assessment 3: Research Proposal and Project Plan


For this assessment, students will need to use the template provided in the Assessment 3 folder on the unit's cloud site to complete a written research proposal and project plan, which is designed to inform their delivery of the project in the following trimester of study.

The purpose of the research proposal and project plan is to:

    • Clearly establish the topic and nature of the proposed project, the work you plan to undertake, and the rationale for this;
    • Provide you and your potential supervisor(s) with direction and focus for your extended literature review and subsequent data collection and analysis, including any ethics approvals required;
    • Identify the milestone activities required to complete the proposed research project and map out a timeline for their intended delivery; and
    • Assess the feasibility of the project you are proposing and your ability to carry out and complete it.

The research proposal and project plan is the culmination of the project design and preparation work undertaken by students in ACX703, based on independent research, completion of the scaffolded learning activities, and feedback received from the unit teaching staff and peers throughout the trimester.

The document produced should be fully referenced and follow academic writing conventions.

Further Help

A detailed Helpsheet outlining what needs to be included in the different sections of your research proposal and project plan is available in this assessment folder, together with an example of a former student's work.

Please also review the marking rubric for this assessment to consider the criteria we will be using when grading your work.

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