Assessment 3: Position Statement Task

Assessment 3: Position Statement

Assessment Format                           Word Count                            Due Date                    Learning Outcomes

Position Statement                  i800 words •/- to%                           Week 6                        2, 3, 4, 5, 6

With your background information and evidence review complete, you now have the information you need to generate an evidence-based position statement, that includes key recommendations on the focus of public health measures to address this health challenge in Australia.

Your position statement should include:

Assessment Structure

  • Key Messages about the wicked problem
  • Organisations position on the wicked problem
  • Evidence that supports this position
  • The future public health actions/recommendations required to address this challenge

Position statements often have a very distinct format and structure, as such examples have been provided to you below, please review these.

Remember that your report is to be written for an educated but mainly non-scientific audience. It should be written in language that the audience would understand. Avoid the use of jargon, and explain specialised terms and acronyms if you use them.

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