Assessment 2 Task: Critically analyse a startup venture (from the list), and propose suggestions for future directions

Assessment 2 instructions (MUST READ)


Critically analyse a startup venture (from the list), and propose suggestions for future directions.


Report format to be used with headings and sub-headings (see below for the suggested structure), 12 Times New Roman font, 1.5 spacing. Prepare your report as a MS Word document, no more than 1,300 words (+/- 10%).

Marking rubric

The marking rubric for assessment 2 can be downloaded here.

Detailed Instructions

Please select ONE emerging Australian startup venture from the below list, then describe/critically analyse the chosen startup venture.

Make sure your report includes critical analyses and reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship theories required. The following structure and detail are suggested (only sections 1-5 below contribute to your word count):

Cover page (Please include your full name, student ID, campus, class day & time, and tutor’s name)

  1. Startup introduction
  • Brief introduction of the chosen startup venture
  • What are the major product/service benefits, features and/or experience?
  • Who and where are the venture’s targeted customers?
  • What customer wants, needs, problems or fears are the venture trying to address?
  1. The process of new venture creation
  • How was the chosen venture created/founded? (please select and apply relevant entrepreneurial theoretical framework to support your analyses)
  1. Value proposition
  • Critically evaluate the chosen venture's value proposition.
  1. Entrepreneurialmarketing and finance
  • Critically evaluate the entrepreneurial marketing strategies/tactics that have been employed at different stages of the chosen venture’s development.
  • Where and how effective did the chosen venture seek for finance at different stages of the venture’s development? What type of finance that has been used by the venture?
  1. Recommendations
  • Suggestions for future development or ideas to take the startup to the next level.
  1. References
  • At least 12 references, including at least 5 academic references, cited using APA6 or Harvard format.

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