Assessment 2: Poster Presentation

Assessment Brief



This poster presentation will test your analytical skills along with your presentation skills. As diversity champions you should be confident in presenting key diversity issues, analying the issues and synthesysing the key literature on the issue.

Learning Outcomes

The targeted Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for this assessment are:

  • CLO1: Critically evaluate values and behaviour that influence our own and others’ assumptions, attitudes and stereotypes regarding diversity and inclusivity.
  • CLO2: Research the challenges and benefits of recruiting, supporting and developing staff from diverse backgrounds.
  • CLO4:Apply theoretical concepts and tools to ethically engage a diverse workforce within a range of employment situations and organisations.

Marking Criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • Rubric criteria one (25%): Applicable knowledge – understand the key issues and apply this to a critical analysis
  • Rubric criteria two (25%): Critical analysis – critical understanding (ie provide different perspectives or points of view) arising from the academic literature and/or other literature in response to research topic and issue.
  • Rubric criteria three (20%): Theoratical knowledge - identification of relevant theories and / or concepts
  • Rubric criteria four (15%): Research and referencing
  • Rubric criteria five (15%): Presentation – clear communication and presentation of knowledge and analysis.

Assessment Details

  1. Choose a diversity topic which we have covered so far in semester.
  2. Critically analyse an issue within the topic.

For example (you can use these or choose your own):

    • The Gender pay gap–Gender
    • Recruitment bias–Race
    • Inclusive work practices–Disability
  1. In your poster:
  • Outline the issue and give industry examples (such as statistics on the topic)
  • Where possible, compare and contrast different authors’ views on the topic;
  • Engage with theories and practical examples in analysing the topic;
  • Provide empirical examples to illustrate arguments, drawing on evidence from academic empirical research as well as media and consultancy reports;
  • Outline management and/or HR implications

Assessment requirements

Video presentation – you can use your choice of presentation software (e.g. powerpoint/prezi).

Please upload an MP4 file for your presentation along with a PDF copy of your poster.

Important Note: You do not have to use video recording, but you MUST use audio recording, you will not loose marks if you only audio record.

The following from RMIT Learning Lab offers excellent recommendations on presentations: Creating effective poster presentations | Learning Lab ( to an external site.

AI tools cannot be used in the completion of this assessment task 

In this assessment task, you must not use any AI tools (excluding text editing software e.g., Grammarly) to generate any materials, content or ideas related to the task.


A minimum of 5 academic references (journal articles) post 2012 is required

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