Assessment 2: Online Accommodation Marketing Campaign


The purpose of this assessment task is to adapt to the changing technologies and social media platforms for the accommodation sector. STudents

Task details

Students are required to create a formal online marketing strategy for promoting Tennant Creek Caravan Park in Tennant Creet, Northen Territory, Australia.

Tennant Creek | Caravan Parks | Accommodation (

The are three styles of accommodation to promote.


Students must undertake the following and make recommendations for promoting the accommodation options:

  1. Review and list all accommodation options in Tennant Creek.
  2. Define your markets and customer profiles. What types of guests stay in each type of accommodation?
  3. Conduct a SWOT analysis. What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of offering these services in Tennant Creek?
  4. Set your goals and objectives. What social media platforms are you going to use to promote the caravan park? Give reasons why these social media were selected.
  5. Set your marketing budget. How much time and money will be incorporated into promoting the business online?

This is a formal marketing report so make sure you have all the elements of a formal business report (see example):

Word count: 1750

References: a minimum of five is required.

Resources and readings relevant to the assessment

World wide Web and social media platforms, definitions of accommodation options from formal sources.

Assessment criteria

Review the marketing rubric:

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