Assessment 1: Wicked Problem Research Analysis

Assessment Brief


Your task is to explore and analyse a challenging issue within the 'shared economy' industry, known as a "wicked problem." You will need to conduct research and examine a specific wicked problem presented by the industry partner - DiDiLinks to an external site..

This assessment task has two components:

  • First you are required to conduct a research analysis and write a preliminary review of literature (use primary and secondary data) in order to identify and analyse the relevant sources/information to gain a comprehensive understanding of the wicked problem presented by the industry partner.
  • Second you are required to produce an infographics of your findings from the literature review.


The purpose of conducting a research analysis is to examine and evaluate data and information gathered through literature review in order to draw meaningful conclusions, identify patterns, relationships, and trends, and make informed decisions about the wicked problem.

Go to here for assessment 1 explanation video.

This assessment task is the first part of your three-part assessment journey. 

Industry Brief

For details of the wicked problem of DiDi - see attached brief.Download For details of the wicked problem of DiDi - see attached brief.

Industry Partner Video

Learning outcomes

The targeted Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for this assessment are:

  • CLO1: Critically evaluate the broad range of research literature and synthesise options for innovative business research design.
  • CLO4: Critically analyse the contemporary issues, theories and practice including future of work and technology in the workplace.

Marking Criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • Research and analysis (30%): Conduct research, analyse and synthesise the literature and relevant information comprehensively, and identify key issues, challenges, and opportunities within the wicked problem.
  • Infographic + Mind map (30%): Create a visually appealing and informative infographic, incorporating a comprehensive mind map of the findings to demonstrate visually how the findings are interconnected and ensuring a clear and concise representation of key concepts and relationships.
  • Formatting and visual appeal (20%): The research and analysis follows a consistent and visually appealing formatting style, including structured headings, font sizes, formatting elements enhancing readability, and visual elements such as charts, graphs, or images that are appropriately used and effectively support the content.
  • Modelled clear, logical academic writing and referencing skills(10%): The report uses RMIT Harvard referencing and the written language is academically appropriate, comprehension and formation of argument is consistent with academic writing standards.
  • Assurance of Learning (AoL) (10%): Critically engaged, employs intellectual independence and judgment to engage with information,  actively challenging assumptions and undertaking

Assessment Details

You are required to conduct research analysis on the wicked problem presented by the industry partner and produce a preliminary literature review report, utilising research databases and online sources. You are encouraged to deeply examining the industry partner's 'wicked problem' by evaluating the primary data (industry partner video) and secondary data (online sources). These are your first and second steps of liteerature review analysis.

Once you have gathered the insights and data from the primary and the secondary source write a 1,000 word literature review. Upon the completion of the preliminary literature review at a high level combine your findings and present them in a sythensised logical order and showcase your findings in a mind-map and infographics.

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