Assessment 1 Report: Issue Mapping

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Wicked health challenge :- Extreme heat and health

Assessment 1 Report: Issue Mapping 

You have been asked to explore the background of your wicked health challenge.

This report will form the background of your briefing paper and will help to inform your position statement.  In this report you need to provide:

  • A brief explanation of the problems and why it’s considered a wicked problem
  • What is the burden of disease associated with this wicked problem in Australia.
  • What are the determinants of health associated with this wicked problem
  • Health equity as a cause/consequence of this wicked problem
  • What are the implications of this health challenge on current and future disease prevention, community health and health systems.

Assessment Structure 

This assessment should follow the structure and formatting of a formal report, and as such headings and sub-heading are recommended.

By definition, a report is a concise piece of writing that sets out and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future actions. Where an essay focuses on arguments and reasoning, a report concentrates on the logical presentation of facts. Reports usually include headings and specific sections, and may include bullet points, figures and tables.

Remember that your report is to be written for an educated but mainly non-scientific audience. It should be written in language that the audience would understand. Avoid the use of jargon, and explain specialised terms and acronyms if you use them.

The outline of the report is detailed below it is suggested that you follow this outline closely.

  1. Introduction 

1.1 The Wicked Problem 

  • Define and describe your chosen wicked problem, identify the link between it and health,  and explain why it is considered a wicked problem.
  1. The Burden 

2.1 Health & Healthcare Burden 

  • Describe and quantify the impact that this problem has on health, you should use epidemiological research to support your statements in this section.
  • Outline the current and future healthcare burden associated with this  problem

2.2. Social, Economic &  Political. 

  • Discuss the social, economic, and political burden that this problem generates. What is the broader impact of this problem on society?
  1. The Determinants 

3.1 The Determinants

  • What are the factors that cause, and perpetuate this wicked problem and the impact that it has on health outcomes? You may wish to separate these and discuss them under different sub-headings.

3.2 Equity & Health Equity

  • What is the relationship between this problem and equity/health equity? Does this problem cause inequity or it is driven by it? Are the impacts so this problem felt by everyone? Does this problem impact the right to health?
  1. Current and Future Challenges to Public Health 
  • What are the implications of this wicked problem on current and future public health efforts? Discuss the impact of this wicked problem on disease prevention, health systems and services, and population health.
  1. Summary 
  • Reiterate your key points.

Tables, figures and diagrams 

These elements can all be used within your report, but remember that all assessable criteria MUST be presented within the word count, so in the body of your assessment. These elements can be used to provide additional clarity, understanding, or insight into the information presented in your report.

  • A tolerance of +/-10% is acceptable for all word counts, unless there is a clear statement to the contrary.
  • Direct quotations should be kept to an absolute minimum, and quotation marks should be used at all times.
  • The only time where word count is included for tables (or similar templates) is if text is being entered into a given table / template, and then only the student's own words are counted.
  • Falsification of a word count, either in explicit statement, or by using techniques to alter the number of words counted by electronic software, constitutes a breach of academic integrity and may result in disciplinary action.

*Tables must be used appropriately, i.e. not containing large paragraphs of text. Markers will use their discretion if they believe text contained in tables is not warranted, and will therefore contribute to wordcount.

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