Applied Social Research Critical Review 2 - Applications & Evaluations of Real-World Research

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Submission: This assignment must be submitted online via Turnitin

Curriculum Mode: Critical Review

Length: 1,000 words

Format: The critical review is not an essay so an introduction and conclusion are not needed. Students may use headings to organise their response. A reference list is required. In-text

references and the reference list are not included in the word count.


The second assessment (Critical Review #2) is an exploratory exercise in which students further their skills as critical consumers of research in addition to developing their own research skills. In the second assessment, students review media reporting of quantitative social research as well as the original research being reported.

Step 1: Students must find a media article (newspaper report, magazine article, television/radio transcript) that has reported on published quantitative research. The media article should be relevant to their area of study (policing, criminology, social work etc). The media article (and the research being reported) cannot be one used in tutorials for teaching purposes. Students must find their own media article/research report.

Step 2: Students must find the original published quantitative research that was cited in the media article. The original published research MAY be in the form of a journal article or report.

Step 3: Students are required to write a 1,000-word critical review.

The review must:

  1. Discuss how the media article has used the published research including:

- What information/data did they use from the published research and why?

- What message is the media article trying to communicate?

- Has any data/information of the published research not been included in the media article?

- Why do you think this information has been excluded? Does the author provide justification?

- Has the media article provided adequate insights into the published research?

  1. Evaluate the strengths and limitations of the original published research. Your evaluation should make reference to:

- the research question

- the research method (e.g. sampling, procedures, analysis)

- the results

- whether or not the strengths and limitations you identified were addressed in the media article.

  1. Propose alternative methods of data collection and/or analysis that could address the limitations of the original published research
  2. Use at least 5 relevant and well-chosen academic sources to support the arguments made.


Assignments will be marked online and returned to students via vUWS My Grades.

You are required to place a footer at the bottom of the pages of your assignments with your name, student number, degree/discipline, assignment title and accurate word count.

For example: First name Last name - 12345678 – Policing Critical Review #2 - word count 990

For Assessment 2, choose 1 of the 10 media articles and associated research reports from the below list.

Assessment 2 media articles

Choose 1 of the 10 below for your assessment

(Note: each media article comes with an associated research report and you need both for Assessment 2)

There is a list of 10 media articles below, and they are numbered from 1-10. Directly under each media article is the associated research report.

For example, the 1st media article is from ABC News:

It's titled "Going days without food, increased anxiety and insecure housing among issues reported in youth survey"

Directly underneath it is "Walsh et al. (2022)", which is the associated research report that goes WITH the media article. Specifically, the media article reports on the Walsh et al. (2022) research report.

If you're choosing the second media article on Queensland hospitality workers, then you'd download the "Robinson et al. (2022)" research report, and so on.

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