ANT1CAG Culture and Globalisation: Introduction to Anthropology

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Your essay topics are below. Select ONE topic! Also attached are some resources and examples to help you to complete this task.

Essay Question Option 1:

The practice of anthropological fieldwork has changed significantly since the discipline emerged. Choose ONE of the types of anthropology listed below:

  1. anthropology ‘at home’
  2. ‘engaged’ anthropology (this can include ‘militant’ anthropology and/or anthropologists as advocates and/or activists)
  3. digital anthropology

In your essay:

  • explain what this kind of anthropology entails;
  • discuss at least one advantage and one disadvantage of doing this type of anthropology;
  • read the important information below about researching and submitting your essay.

Essay Question Option 2

Write an essay on ONE of the following questions based on the topics covered in this subject, using only anthropological texts (see below for information on useful Anthropology databases you can access through the library website.)

  1. Eating and drinking:Using examples from one or two cultural groups, discuss how anthropologists have explained the cultural aspects of eating and/or drinking.
  2. Environmental anthropology:Discuss how anthropological research can contribute to understanding human responses to the impacts of climate change. You can focus on examples from one or two cultural groups if you wish.
  3. Tourism:Discuss how anthropologists draw on the idea of ‘authenticity’ in their critiques of tourism.
  4. Subcultures:Choose an example of a subculture and discuss the ways in which it provides members with a sense of belonging and identity.
  5. Cultures of poverty:Discuss how anthropological research can contribute to understanding the causes and experiences poverty. You can focus on examples from one or two cultural groups if you wish.
  6. Refugees and precarity:Discuss how anthropologists have used the concept of ‘precarity’ to understand the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers.
  7. Ethnicity:Discuss the concept of ‘ethnicity’ in relation to the construction of identity by the children of migrants.
  8. Gender:How do different societies respond to gender diversity? Compare two case studies to answer this question.
  9. Sexuality:How have anthropologists analysed the way sexual culture is shaped by gender relations in different societies?

Important notes for ALL essay options!

You can use your tutorial reading for your essay but you also need to do your own independent literature research to illustrate your arguments. You must include at least FOUR anthropological texts in your research. A good way to find these is by using the following library databases:

  • Anthropology Plus (EBSCO)
  • Anthrosource

Each of the topics is broad so you need to focus on one or more aspects/examples of the topic –and make it clear in your essay’s introduction how you are doing this. For example, if you choose gender you may want to focus on masculinity, or if you choose culture and ecology you may want to just focus on one country or case study. There are plenty of possibilities, which you can discuss in tutorials or with your tutor in his/her consultation time.

You will find that some topics have been the subject of more research than others, SO:

  1. Start your research early
  2. Do a preliminary search using the databases to make sure you can find enough information
  3. If you are having difficulty finding enough information on the topic you have chosen, you may need to choose another topic about which there is more information.
  4. Always talk to your tutor if you have any questions or concerns.
  5. Read the helpful information in the subject guide about essay submission and tips on researching and writing your essay, and the marking criteria.

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