AMB336 International Marketing

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To assess students’ ability to evaluate the impact of Internet technologies on international marketing practices, to identify critical digital marketing concepts, develop and formulate international marketing recommendations based on this research investigation.


Organisational context and target country are outined below. Students are required to provide analysis related to the opportunities and challenges of contemporary digital marketing within international marketing settings, the international consumer context within the target market and the type of product should be central drivers of these learnings. Students address these opportunities and challenges through the lens of country, company, customer context, to better develop a realistic and justified recommendation.


  1. Read the research questions below.
  2. Provide an understanding of the opportunities and challenges pertinent to the brand/organisation/international
  3. Provide insights on digital marketing related to the context brand/organisation.
  4. Provide a realistic and justified digital international marketing

*Remember to support your findings, arguments, and recommendation with academic, peer reviewed sources.

Assignment Two: AMB336 International Marketing

Students are to develop an international marketing research report for the Australian manufacturer of excavation tools “DIGGA” which have seen significant sales growth worldwide (please DO NOT contact them). They now plan to enter Japan.

Evaluate the country market settings and assess the potential viability of international growth with a digital marketing approach. Be aware of the changing environment and the impact on marketing activities in the international market such as “the customer experience”. Students are to draw upon the literature to highlight key areas where change is altering the international marketing activities and performance of the organisation. Further, the impact of the new Internet activity on international marketing performance indicators such as increasing sales has become clearer in recent years and should also be a focus (see earlier lectures). Evaluate the country market settings and assess the potential viability of international growth with a digital marketing approach. The Executive Head of Marketing (your boss) believes Japan may be a potential growth market and that the Internet will enhance the firm’s ability to generate profits but is unsure how. Think about how you, as the International Marketing Manager should/could deploy new technologies related to 3D, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Tik Tok etc. to support DIGGA to ‘educate’ their Japanese market customers, with the specific objective of achieving a ‘significant market share’ in 12 months.

Criteria Reference Assessment (CRA) is available through Blackboard.

Scenario: A well-established Australian manufacturer of excavation tools (“DIGGA”) have seen significant sales growth worldwide. They now plan to enter Japan. The organisation is a medium- size manufacturer. You, the International Marketing Manager believe that Japan is a potential growth area/market for the organisation. Further, the Executive Head of Marketing believes Internet technology may also enhance the organisation’s ability to generate profits, now and in the future from the Japanese market, but is unsure how. Can you help analyse and evaluate the market and assess the marketing and Internet marketing activities that might assist the firm in the international marketing activities of their product for international customers? Choose a particular geographic area of Japan to locate in and justify this choice. Further, assess how virtual reality or augmented reality will assist the firm in their international marketing activities of their product in this new market?

Research Question: Who is the customer in Japan (e.g. end users, businesses and/or government)? How might these country-specific and technology elements influence the marketing activities and performance of the firm in this new market? What strategy might be most appropriate? How has the Internet influenced international customer behaviour and/or culture from that market?

Student Note: Context means:

  1. The Organisation and
  2. Market - country
  3. Internet marketing

Assignment Two structure: Please follow this structure

1.  Executive summary:

Summary of the main findings:

What are the main findings in the investigation?

  • (Do this last) (400 words approximately)

2.  Analysis:


What are the main opportunities and challenges for the firm in Japan, and in relation to this technology approach?

  • A few core ideas (2-3) in each section with the support of research (journals and other industry data) (1,100 words approx.)
  • Make sure you are drawing ideas from the literature so as to get some depth, giving both sides of an argument and also use industry data to justify and support your

3.  Evaluation and recommendations:

What are the main ideas recommended that have the most influence on the international marketing for this firm/product/customer (services exports) in this market?

  • What is your recommendation: what international marketing strategy and digital marketing activities might work best and why? (1,000 words )
  • For example: Give clear tangible recommendations in relation to: customer insight, customer demand, consumer behaviour, product/service modification, branding and labelling, distribution, positioning of the brand, price and/or
  • You can choose to discuss what you Obviously, you cannot discuss everything, so make decisions related to the international marketing activities that you think are the most critical within this context you have been given.

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