ALR731 Public Relations Theory and Practice

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Word Count: 3000 words (+/- 10 %)

Weighting: 60%

Please note: This is an individual assignment.


Write a report that critically evaluates the public relations campaign How well do you know fire?:

Identify the factors that have contributed to the success, or otherwise, of this campaign and present a critical evaluation of the message strategy used.

Below are a set of initial questions that will help you develop your report. For convenience, they are placed under four key areas for consideration.

1. Problem

  • What was the issue this campaign sought to address?

2. Target public

  • Who was the target public?

3. Communication

  • What forms of communication were used to reach the target public (media, technology and platforms)?

4. Strategy and tactics

  • What strategy and tactics were used?

5. Monitoring and evaluation

  • Based on your evaluation of the target public, the forms of communication used and the overall success of the campaign, was their choice of message strategy appropriate?
  • What is the best way of monitoring and measuring successful articulation/understanding of the message? Why do you think this is the best form of measurement?
  • What additional recommendations would you make?

Your decisions should be supported and justified by a combination of academic literature and evidence from other information sources.

Include a minimum of seven academic references (of which at least four must be from the unit material).

Please note, the seven academic sources must discuss public relations/communication.

This task addresses the following Unit Learning Outcomes:

ULO2: Identify the diverse array of strategies and tactics used by public relations practitioners.

ULO3: Critically analyse and explain the importance of research in the public relations discipline.

ULO4: Critically evaluate the importance of setting measurable objectives, identifying target audiences and, evaluation of the effectiveness of contemporary public relations campaigns.


  • Report format
  • Include a separate Title page (include your name/student number)
  • Include a separate Table of Contents page (number sections/corresponding page numbers)
  • Headings - you can create original headings/include subheadings (these should be numbered).
  • Any image or figure included must be accompanied by a Figure number, title and source
  • Any table included must be accompanied by a Table number, title and source
  • Typed in English
  • Size 12 font
  • 1.5 spacing
  • ‘Normal’ margins settings (2.54cm)
  • Page numbers, student name and ID in the footer
  • Grammar, Spelling and Word count check.
  • Submit as a Word Document
  • Include Appendices where appropriate


  • APA7-style referencing
  • The reference list is not included in the word count. In-text references are included in the word count.
  • The reference list must appear at the end of your essay and should only include the sources you have included in your essay (in-text citations).


  • Online via CloudDeakin.
  • Upon successful submission, you will receive an automated email confirmation to your Deakin student email account.
  • Please conduct a grammar, spelling and word count check before you submit your final essay.

References and Resources to assist:

Topic guides, class notes and additional materials provided via the ALR731 CloudDeakin site provide guidance towards relevant readings.

Read broadly to demonstrate independent learning and to illustrate/support your discussion. You are required to review relevant texts, literature and media articles to support your discussion. You are required to appropriately source and reference material used in the writing of your report, according to academic standards.

Include a minimum of 7 (seven) academic references.

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